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    Parents Heartbreak

    The firing of the coach was the gym's decision, and therefore they need to fix the situation and deal with the consequences of their actions. This seems highly suspicious; especially if they did not attempt to have a "moving forward" type of team or gym meeting to at least discuss the future...
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    Parents Help how do you deal with this??

    I think you have the right attitude about this--what matters is that they are both still having fun! Also, this will probably worry you more than it worries the girls. Another thing I have noticed that might be true with your oldest--Sometimes my DD can take longer to learn a skill than...
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    Parents wants to quit?!

    Wow. Well, DD definitely loves being in the gym and at competitions, especially for the social aspects. She is a very social 9 year old. However, its strange to think that she never wanted to stop when she was recovering from a nasty ankle sprain. She did all the extra conditioning when she...
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    Parents wants to quit?!

    Thanks! I don't like the word quit either, so I really like your retirement idea. It takes the pressure off of the decision, and that may just be a a big part of it. With fewer girls on the team, she might feel that she HAS to keeping going. With that kind of pressure it really wouldn't be...
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    Parents wants to quit?!

    Are any other parents and gymnasts going through this right now? My daughter told me the other night that she wants to quit. There were lots of tears. She is moving up to L5 this season, and had been training L5 for several months already (although she's had two separate injuries that have...
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    Parents Hand pain

    Well, we didn't get a definite answer. They seem to think that it is a bone contusion (bruised bone), but could also be stress fracture or a ligament sprain between the knuckles. No more tests were run since the treatment would be the same for all three--rest for another week and then...
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    Parents Serious break

    Wishing Allison all the best in her recovery!!! Of course the cast will be annoying and hot, but you may find she still wants to be involved at the gym. When my daughter was in a cast for her ankle, I was amazed when she still wanted to be in the gym even when she really couldn't do anything...
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    Parents Hand pain

    Thanks, there seems to be very little information on the internet about stress fractures of the hand. But I guess we'll find out--she sees ped ortho this afternoon. She was just getting back into full practice after a sprained ankle 6 weeks ago, and spent alot of time on bars during the ankle...
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    Parents Hand pain

    Hi, I am new to the group. My daughter just moved to L5. Last week she started to have pain on the top of her hand, but had full movement of her hand and wrist with no pain, unless you pushed on it or she tried to hang from the bar. It swelled the next day, so she had x-rays done, which did...
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    New to the bucket!

    Hi everyone. I just joined and am very excited to share my experiences as a parent of a L5 gymnast, and also get advice and tips from other parents!