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  1. gymbabisMom

    Headstands & other preschool skills

    By neck rolling I meant rolling the head around touching the ears to the shoulders. supposedly this can cause neuralogical problems. Can't remember the exact details though.
  2. gymbabisMom

    Giants at Level 7

    Oh and now all our level 7s will have giants before they compete. WE have 1 that is competing six this season and will do 7 in spring and she already has hers, her teammate that will move up too, will only compete in spring if she gets it (she's really close) soon.
  3. gymbabisMom

    Giants at Level 7

    GYmbabi did 2 seasons of level 7 while struggling with her giants. Her highest bar score was about 8.4. Her last level 7 meet with giants her bar score was 9 something finally giving her an overall over 35. I wish we had trained thru that first season so she could have concentrated more on...
  4. gymbabisMom

    Parents High School and gymnastics

    Does you high school have an "athletic PE" program? Where all this kids on the teams have last period PE allowing them to start practice early? OUr school does and this is what gymbabi has, allowing her to leave an hour early so we can get to practice on time. The school will send out a survey...
  5. gymbabisMom

    Parents How much??

    Do most gyms have actual team colors? Our old coach/owner wanted everything in purple and teal, but our previous gym has had 4 completely different colored and styled leos since I first knew of them. Or new leos are black and pink and have lot's of bling, too much for my taste but apparently are...
  6. gymbabisMom

    Headstands & other preschool skills

    I remember at congress they told us in the preschool class that headstands, backbends and neckrolling are no-nos till about age 5. There is too much risk of injury because of their bones not being solid yet. I don't teach the minis anymore, but when I did we did a lot of basic movement stuff...
  7. gymbabisMom

    bars help

    I hate that mill circle. I always wondered what it was supposed to help progress them to. It reminds me of what we used to do on the playground in elementary school. Only we wadded up our sweaters and locked out hands around our shins...
  8. gymbabisMom

    Parents My 5 year old is moving to the our gyms first miniteam

    It's the best money you'll ever spend as long as your kid is enjoying it! Thank god I have the opportunity to work off my daughters tuition. $215 a month.
  9. gymbabisMom

    Parents How much??

    Sheesh, our leos are $140 and the warm ups were $115 including the embroidery. I need to find a gym where comp leos only cost $65. You can hardly even buy a plain long sleeve leo for that. A note on those target leos, the leg bands tend to be loose and allow panties or skin to hang out. There...
  10. gymbabisMom

    am i to old?

    We have classes at our gym that are specifically for high school age girls. You are not too old. I would definitely look into some classes rather than try to teach yourself. Lots of gyms offer tumbling classes. Hers a hint on your backbend kickover, Lots of kids think it's all about the kicking...
  11. gymbabisMom

    Sports Acro

    I believe that our gym competes in a USAG league. I can ask our acro coach for more details. The kids really seem to love it.
  12. gymbabisMom

    Sports Acro

    Does anyone else here have a Sports Acro team at their gym? Our gym has always had one, but it seems to be really flourishing this year. Last year 2 of our pairs made 2nd place at Nationals. They are a lot of fun to watch. We have a really good level 8 trio coming up for next spring and watching...
  13. gymbabisMom

    gym clean-up

    wow, that chalkeater thing looks really useful. We (the staff) try to keep our gym well vacuumed and mop the mats down weekly. But chalk is still everywhere. When our original coach/owner was still alive but in the hospital, all the employees and a bunch of parents got together and did a...
  14. gymbabisMom

    south sectional championships results :)

    Gymbabis first gym has since been renamed Pacific Coast Gymnastics Center. I wonder if it's the same gym you go to.
  15. gymbabisMom

    Parents Discouraged

    We have heard that some colleges may offer scholarships to hard working walk-ons, after seeing what they can do for the team. So we haven't given up hope completely. Our new coach says gymbabi should have no trouble getting a walk on spot. He also said that lots of scholarships go unclaimed...
  16. gymbabisMom

    Parents Discouraged

    Ups And Downs Well, Gymbabi kept limping along so she could at least finish her high school season. Our gym was able to get another coach, who so far, seems to be a much better coach. Kristen has thrown herself back into workouts and is again thinking about at least trying to get on a college...
  17. gymbabisMom

    Parents Discouraged

    How much more can a gymnast take. Our optional team has had a tough year and we may be at the end of Gymbabis career now. First our coach died unexpectedly, that was horrible, and she wanted to quit then. One of the compulsory coaches was able to get her to keep trying for a while. The gym...
  18. gymbabisMom

    Parents Coaches with no experience

    I am that parent. I teach rec classes for a reduction in tuition for my daughter. I think the training you get depends on your gym. When I started, I had very little training but by asking the more experienced coaches I did learn. I teach Level 1. In our level 1 there are very specific skills...
  19. gymbabisMom

    Parents Competition Hairstyles

    How do you do those twisty rows? I can never get them to work. I usually just divide the front half of Gymabis hair then side part then part it on the diagonal and secure it with rubber bands, that way she gets no wispies. The back part goes in a pony since her hair is not very long. But I would...
  20. gymbabisMom


    Gymbabi will be 16 next month. She did not make level 9 and she is now a junior. She is doing another season of level 8 this spring. We aren't giving up however. We are still hoping to get a walk on spot that can possibly develop into a scholarship. She hasn't even made up her mind on which...