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    What kind of gymnast are you???!!

    I'm training level 6 at a private gym and my favorite event is floor because I love tumbling. My favorite skill on floor is front tucks, beam is backwalkovers, and bars umm free hips i guess. I am extremely afraid to do my flyaway on bars though! I don't know why...even if I have double spotters...
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    People getting annoyed with random gymnastics!

    That happens to me all the time too! Especially when I'm at someone elses gymnastics meet. It's so hard to just sit there and watch, because I want to just jump the rope and start tumbling or something! I know what you mean!
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    Strap Bar

    I think the strap bars okay. It's painful and leaves these big burns on both my wrists and forearms that last for like a month, even if I use the biggest straps. It's not like my wrists are insanely huge or anything either, but I think it's fun and helpful other than that.
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    Gymnastics Camps- Worth It?

    I've been to the Mizozu and SEMO gymnastics camps and it was a lot of fun plus I learned lots of new skills. Those ones at least, you spend a lot of time in the gym. Pretty much all you do is eat breakfast, then go to the gym, then eat lunch, and go to the gym again,then eat dinner, then do an...
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    Bra under leotard for comp?

    I wear clear strap bras, so if the strap pops out when I'm competing, I don't get deducted.
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    quitting vs. finishing

    Yeah, my best friend on my gymnastics team and outside of gymnastics is quitting after our next meet. I asked her why, and she said, "Because I'm not good." Since she keeps telling herself shes not good or that she cant do a certain skill, than she really is not going to be able to. I just wish...
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    GK velvet shorts????

    I'm 5'6 and my competition leo is an AL but I wear an AS in those micro minis for practice.
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    GK Leotards

    I'm 5'6 too and my competition leotard is GK and its an AL. I wear AS, AM, and AL in practice leos depending on the style and fabric. I just had my first meet with my new competition leo and i also found that it constantly rides up on the hips so it looks really weird. It's so hard not to pick...
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    POLL!!!: How Many Leos Do You Have???

    I love buying new leos too!! I have 6 practice leos and 1 competition leo because my old competition leo wasn't long sleeve so we use it as a practice one now.
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    Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

    My teams colors are columbia blue, black, and silver. My friends team colors are lime green and black and that looks really cool too, plus not many teams have that color combination.
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    Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

    My teams colors are colu
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    shoot throughs!!!!!

    I didn't see that nevertooold already suggested this. Sorry for repeating!
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    shoot throughs!!!!!

    This is going to sound really simple, but I had the same problem. I used to just draw an X with chalk on the mat in front of the bar, and then looked at it when I did the shoot through. Btw, it also helped me a lot in my sqaut on. After you do this for some time you will get used to looking at...
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    back extension roll

    No, I'm in level 5.
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    messed up grips

    My coach told me last night at practice that my grips were shaped/bent the wrong way so that's why it was so hard for me to tap on the high bar and do kips. She said I was gripping the bar wrong and I might need new grips. I don't really know how I'm supposed to fix this, if there is a way or if...
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    I Got My First Broken Bone

    broken bone I broke my foot a week ago. I'm not allowed to go back to the gym for 6 weeks, which really sucks since competition season is coming up. Luckily though I just have to wear a boot with no cast, so I can walk on it.
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    back extension roll

    Well, my arms are bent, and I don't hit handstand. I don't roll back and go straight up into handstand like your supposed to, I have too much momentum which usually causes me to go back and not hold the handstand at all. It's hard to describe.
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    What are the requirements for level 5?

    level 5 I'm in level 5 too! On floor the big skills are round off two backhandsprings, back extension roll, back walkover, front handspring and dive rolls. On beam theres the 3/4 turn 2 second hold dismount, cartwheel and full handstand. Hope that helps and good luck!:)
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    How tall are you!?!?!?

    heighth I'm 5'6 and the tallest on my team. I hate when people say "gymnasts are meant to be short!" I'm taller than all of my coaches too, so its hard for them to spot me sometimes and its just weird.
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    My weight and my coach.

    weight I'm 5'6 and weigh 115 pounds! I'm the tallest on my team and my coach can still spot me and shes a lot shorter than me. Don't worry about what your coach says about being smaller or skinnier. Being muscular is a good thing for gymnastics and muscle weighs more than fat, besides 105...