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  1. archangelcoach

    WAG Coaches "hobbies"?

    I'm a head coach and i have a day job. I've been in the gymnastics world 30 years as gymnast and coach. Reality is some gyms (small gyms) cannot pay full time coaches. I do what i have too do to coach and feed my family. Sent from my DROID Pro using ChalkBucket mobile app
  2. archangelcoach

    A gymnasts opinion

    ordered leos Well I appreciate all the opinions. We ordered the team leos today and are going with the high cut leg. the majority of my team wanted it and the majority of the vote here were for that so thanks again :)
  3. archangelcoach

    Team Leos....

    team leos We use strictly Alpha Factor. We got pretty tired of gk the designs never really changed until Alpha started. Plus Alphas seem to fit better and the girls like them. our team practice leo is from daredevil, its amazing it looks like a football jersey.
  4. archangelcoach

    coach catch phrases

    catch phrase query I would have to say my favorites are: 1 Call the stewardess I think I need one of those bags!!! ( for really awful tricks) 2 Were vaulting not chasing butterflies. If problem persists Thats was better now it looks like the butterflies are chasing you. 3 Ill say...
  5. archangelcoach

    Coaches competition

    When does your season usually start and end?
  6. archangelcoach

    level 4 training hours- worried

    just a little north of you Im from right up the road in Oklahoma. Depending on where you are in Texas dictates whether or not Id say that was extreme. Region 3 is one of the toughest regions in gymnastics. Texas is incredibly competitive. Trust me.... weve been sent home with tails firmly...
  7. archangelcoach

    Parents What to do if the gym that's best for one daughter is not best for another

    wow Im a little late for the party but still Id love to add here. First I dont know where your old gym was but I sure would spread the word about it, that way no one else finds themselves in that position. Im an owner and a coach and their behavior is totally unacceptable. :mad:My apologies...
  8. archangelcoach

    Which State Are You From???

    OKLAHOMA region 3
  9. archangelcoach

    Q. for gym owners &/or full time coaches (& anyone else who wants to chip in!)

    Best owners were gymnasts OK Im an owner and a coach. Ive coached for several gyms in my 14year coaching career. To be honest youre already on the right track. The best owners have always been the folks that have an in depth view of the sport from a gymnast and a coaches point of view. That...
  10. archangelcoach

    Parents Were you a gymnast?

    lived it Yes I was a gymnast until I was 14. I regretably got to tall. However with my strength and way with kids she trained me to coach. im blessed to be a former gymnast, a coach and a parent of a gymnast, all of which make me a better coach and parent.
  11. archangelcoach

    A gymnasts opinion

    Euro Euro cut is higher than high cut. Ive talked to them about it and they said usually only colleges get. If your curious you can find pics of Georgia with Alphs leos and see the cut
  12. archangelcoach

    Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

    Show your true colors they look better Ok I'm a gym owner and head coach. You're focus on your goal is amazing however what I have found is that at the end of the day you'll want to be remebered more for your gymnastics than for your team colors. So pick colors that best stand for your...
  13. archangelcoach

    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    Your kidding right????? As a Coach, former gymnast, and parent to a gymnast I was extremely disappointed in the effort put forth in this tv show( or trash as Im more inclined to call it). It was stereotypical of what people who have no idea might think. It will not be watched in my house and...
  14. archangelcoach

    Coaches Training Hours

    gym time and size You know I read this and I realize size and time constraints play a huge part in gymnastics training and your ability to compete with other gyms in your area. Im in one of the most intense gymnastic states in the U.S and I have a small gym and time is always an issue. I took...
  15. archangelcoach

    A gymnasts opinion

    Tied yet again Wonderful opinions ladies. we're tied up again keed them coming girls
  16. archangelcoach

    Coaches Training Hours

    practice Our L4 girls work out 8hrs a week our L5s work out 10.5hrs per week.
  17. archangelcoach

    A gymnasts opinion

    all tied up Well thats two votes for each. I appreciate your opinions ladies please keep them coming :)
  18. archangelcoach

    Coaches competition leos

    The majority of my girls are a long lean body type and mainly 10 plus in age.
  19. archangelcoach

    A gymnasts opinion

    Just looking for an opinion on leg cut in leos and who better to ask than the athletes that wear them what do you like best????? traditional cut or a higher leg cut???? looking forward to your responses.
  20. archangelcoach

    Coaches competition leos

    Ok we've been searching for our new leos for the upcoming season. We used Alpha Factor this last year and we're probably going to use them again. I have one gripe. We are considering their Euro cut for our leg cut however the picture in the catalog does anything but give us a clear look at the...