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    Montage Music

    Im making a montage to celebrate our clubs five year anniversary its all done but it wont post on you tube with the music says there a copyright issue with the music. Ive got three songs currently now and then by sussana hoffs, loving each days by ronnan keeting and time of your life by...
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    anyone with a spare money tree?

    wow that sounds super expensive think your idea of only attending one or two is a good idea also with the hotel accoodation could you share a hotel room with anouther gymnast and her mum i know these places often have two double beds a room if there was a large group of you would you consider...
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    Coaches Gymnasts Leaving

    Thanks to you both for your replies had a bit more time to reflect and calmed down a little I realise kids will always leave and over the years several have gone elsewhere often with our head coach facilitating the move as we realise that other clubs are more suited to the kids needs. I feel...
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    Broken bones!

    Hi hope you feeling better unfort this sport is dangerous the best way to avoid getting hurt is to be prepared. im sure your coach worked through progressions for the skill and only removed spotting on the skill when you were ready but you also need to make sure ur prepared for any skill maybe...
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    First meet TODAY ohmigosh

    Hope they did well its nice to see the emphasis being put on having fun and developing confidence this will serve them well for life :)
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    Coaches Gymnasts Leaving

    Hey all just wonder how you all deal with gymnasts leaving and how to try prevent it. We had some leave recently which is really upsetting one of them we expected but the other is out of the blue they both moved to anouther local club. its hard because they both came out of the recreational...
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    New Milano leotard collection

    They will prefrom the routine at several diffrent events over the year ranging from 3min preview peformance on the 2nd day of the british championships this year to 10 minutes when the perfom at the british championships next year as their competition piece. songs using include jospeh and his...
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    New Milano leotard collection

    Hi know a lot of u are from Usa, Canada and Australia where milano leotards are not as popular but here in the Uk its what most of our kids wear. Just wanted to know if u seen the new collection and what peoples thoughts were. I like a lot of the new ones ( however as usual there some not so...
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    Shin splints or something????

    Hi it does sound that it could be shin splints but you really need it checked out by a doctor for proper advice. Make sure u stretching fully before pactice and keep legs warm during practice ( dont know how cold gym is) are u allowed to wear leggings. u can tape shin splints to help relieve...
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    Hi all thanks for all your replies they have been reall helpful. I suppose it just confirmed what i knew before we jsut have to get tougher with them. I like the idea of the £1 late fee cause it such a small amount that its not a major blow finacially but still acts as a deterent. Marie i...
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    Hi all Just looking for some advice. In our club its fees day on sunday for next block problemb is there a few parents who have still to pay there last lot of fees. For last few mouths we have an increased prob of ppl paying fees late and a very casual attidude towards this - no one sees to...
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    Display Routine Theam

    Hi all not sure how many of you are aware of display gymnastics but its pretty big in the uk. its our clubs main focus. It invovled a group of gymnasts ( as many as you want i have seen a few a 6 and as many as 100 on floor) and do a routine to a mix of music normally 6- 8 minutes worth the...
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    Attitudes towards coaches

    Hey looking for some advice from all- coaches, gymnasts parents whoever Our club was set up around 5 years ago and our oldest gymnasts are now moving on to be coaches some of them are really good and we are keen to supprort this transition however some of the younger gymnasts are having some...
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    price of competition leotard

    last year for our display leo( coustumes) we paid around £60 a gymnast this included shorts or a skirt however this year we rying to keep cost down and have worked out that should onyl be around £40 some leo we get made by a local lady and some we buy. For acro we try and reuse leo we got...
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    Flat Feet

    Hi When you say your daughter lands flat footed do u mean she lands and looks like has no arch or is it that she lands with whole foot in contact with the floor. How old is she- if under 8 i reall would not worry as structually most kids have flat feet ( no or small arches) at this age...
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    Montage-Nastia Help

    Hi i have downloaded a programme called vdownloader it comes up if u do a google search it pretty reliable.:):)
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    Hi all Been around observing for a few weeks now this website a great resource. Im a volunteer at a club in UK who focus on display and acro gymnastics. I help organise travel and funraising as well as being a first aider. I posted few pics below to show you what display gymnastics all...