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  1. mforonda7

    OT Christmas gift ideas???

    GK is having a great sale!
  2. mforonda7

    WAG AA Final

    search USA Gymnastics on youtube. :-)
  3. mforonda7

    WAG Movement from Xcel to JO

    It happens, I think it just depends on the area and how the xcel program is used at the gym. My daughter is at a gym that uses xcel in place of compulsories. year 1 - bronze year 2 - scored out of level 4, competed gold year 3 - scored out of level 5, competed platinum year 4 - training...
  4. mforonda7

    Parents Gymnastics making her feel nauseous - desperate for help

    Perhaps the summer weather? Is she dehydrated? Drinking enough water and eating healthier options to beat the heat? Good luck, I hope all turns out well!
  5. mforonda7

    WAG Level 6 floor and beam question

    I'm not positive what the requirements are, I'm going off of what I saw of level 6 routines last season, and I saw girls do layouts and tucks on floor and on beam there were cartwheels connected, bhs's, bwo's, handstands, ft and cw bt dismounts. I'm pretty sure she's fine with ROBHSBT on floor...
  6. mforonda7

    Parents Do you know all the kids in your child's training group?

    I know the names of all 30+ girls on team at my daughter's gym...but I just did the end of the year video for the banquet! ;-) I do know the 10 girls in her level very well, most have been with her for the past 3 years though.
  7. mforonda7

    Parents Summer Schedule L6/7 Optionals

    Level 6/7 summer schedule - 4 days, 16 hours per week. Same during school hours.
  8. mforonda7

    Parents Injury Forum

    Can you please add me as well? Thank you.
  9. mforonda7

    Parents Bigger sizes?

    Have you tried Dreamlight leos? I noticed those run pretty big. My daughter has had a few of that brand for 3 years now and is now taller than me, obvio grown a lot in 3 years and those leos are still pretty roomy. In my opinion they run big, and are thinner in material and super stretchy. You...
  10. mforonda7

    Parents So how do you handle dinners with late practices?

    With carpool and late practice, my daughter won't get home until 9:15-9:30 pm this season. She has 4.5 hour practices Mon, Wed and Fri. They don't really get a break in between, but her coach doesn't mind them leaving practice for a bit to eat/take a break. I have just been packing her snacks...
  11. mforonda7

    WAG Music recommendations for slide show

    One of the songs I used in the video I made for my DDs gym is Happy by Pharrell Williams. I also added a bloopers section and used the Benny Hill Theme song. The bloopers at the end was a big hit.
  12. mforonda7

    Parents Is there a future in going prep-op?

    At my daughter's gym, her coach (HC) only competes xcel bronze-platinum, then optionals. So she scores the girls out of Level 4 and 5 and transitions into level 6 or 7 and has had success doing so. In my opinion, yes there is a future in xcel/prep op, but it depends on the program. Since the...
  13. mforonda7

    WAG Flip Flops

    The Children's Place and Old Navy usually sell them for cheap.
  14. mforonda7

    Urgent help - GK shorts
  15. mforonda7

    WAG Practice bar at home. ...????

    My DD has a low beam and mats. I got really lucky with the beam and bought it off of Craigslist for $90, first day the family posted it, i bought it. It was a big hit for the first couple of months. She's starting to use it again now. It doesn't take up too much room, I just shove it up against...
  16. mforonda7

    WAG BHS on beam

    How would the band around her wrists help? Curious! Maybe it will help my daughter. :-)
  17. mforonda7

    Xcel answer your question, I'm sure it's easier to have all the girls do the same routine, that is only 1 routine your coming up with, but it's also a lot of fun for the girls to have their own routine and have input on some dance moves they can add to it. Last season I saw gyms that all...
  18. mforonda7


    My daughter's gym is all XCEL and Optional levels 6+. This season, there are about 20 bronze, 11 silver, and 4 gold. Bronze fx routines are 40 secs and silver/gold are 50 secs. Each of the girls have their own routines. The coaches did a great job and the girls love it! :-)
  19. mforonda7

    Anyone watching vault finals?

    Did anyone notice McKayla's disappointed look after her 1st vault? is it bcus she thought she deserved a slightly higher score? I thought she deserved another tenth or 2. :-D
  20. mforonda7

    Anyone watching vault finals?

    I am. GO USA! :-)