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  1. gymnast90266

    Moving to Level 9

    i dont think you should have to make it regionals in level 8 in order to move up to 9 i was a first year level 8 last year and i didn't qualify to regionals but i moved up anyway and this year i have had my best season ever so i think it all depends on the person
  2. gymnast90266

    Wearing Briefs under leotard

    we have to wear them, they may seem weird at first, but you get used to them after a while
  3. gymnast90266

    where is a good place for leos?

    rebecca's mom leos (
  4. gymnast90266

    leotard problemm

    just use a washable glue stick. it works really well. don't use hairspray, it doesn't work at all
  5. gymnast90266

    The Wonderful World of Floor Music

    try looking on try monster's inc.
  6. gymnast90266

    The ultimate Leo question...

    i have used a regular glue stick and it worked just fine