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  1. BreathexGymnastics

    Rebuild strength, reduce pain?

    I still have the strength for tumbling and I can still hold my straddle levers for a good while. It seems weird that I struggle with pull ups on the bar. I can do them in reverse, but not up. The week is broken into 2hr sessions, 4 days a week, but I'm also training another 3 hours...
  2. BreathexGymnastics

    Rebuild strength, reduce pain?

    2 years ago I was in a squad, but I gave it up and moved to recreational gymnastics, an hour or 2 a week as and when I felt like it. On Saturday I changed gyms and am now in a squad again, 8hrs per week. My whole body hurts. My calves, my tummy muscles, my arms, my shoulders, my trapezoids...
  3. BreathexGymnastics

    Belly piercings..

    I got my belly button pierced 2 days ago and went training the same day, and tonight.. I can do anything that doesn't involve stretching my stomach in any position resembling a bridge. Handstands stretch it a little even.. As of Saturday I finish at my gym club [I'm transferring]. Should I...
  4. BreathexGymnastics

    Two gym clubs.. What do I do? I'm so confused..

    It's all done now. Dad's cancelled the direct debit for current gym and I finish there on July 1st. Officially begin at new gym on the 2nd July, even though I'm already there. Hopefully SSOG will stop being bitter and then I can do a few tumbling sessions there, or teen and adult 'cause they...
  5. BreathexGymnastics

    Two gym clubs.. What do I do? I'm so confused..

    Gym A is furthest, gym B and C are about the same distance. To make things more awkward I'm back to this problem: SSOG: - More faciltiies - 1hr a week more training - £11 a week - Not allowed to compete through them anymore - Not really enjoying it - Not learning anything - Stuck in open gym...
  6. BreathexGymnastics

    I'm New :)

    I used to be on a squad and competed for [not gonna put names] gym A, and big time messed it up, fell out with my coaches and a lot of the gymnasts, so I dropped down to training 4-5 hrs a week there, 2 classes and 1-2 open adult and teen sessions. On Monday I had a trial at gym B, and will be...
  7. BreathexGymnastics

    Two gym clubs.. What do I do? I'm so confused..

    I spoke to people at gym A last night and they were saying how gym B is really bad. How they don't really coach properly or teach you much. =/ My coach said my other option is gym C, it's in a diff county so I could train with A and C and compete for C.
  8. BreathexGymnastics

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome :) I'm new too. I also saw you from youtube. I'm Jumpingbeangymnast there. x
  9. BreathexGymnastics

    Do you like the chat box?

    I don't even know how to use the chat..
  10. BreathexGymnastics

    Newbie :)

    Wooooooo Sarah, love yhoooooooooo :) Gymnerina's forever :) Woooo! x
  11. BreathexGymnastics

    Two gym clubs.. What do I do? I'm so confused..

    Gym A: - Learnt everything there. - Strict. - Ended up coaching myself most of the time there. - Get bored alot. - No competitions anymore. - Table vault/full sized bars. - Got into a lot of trouble and not exactly liked there by many. = 4 hrs a week for £44 a month. Gym B: - Got...
  12. BreathexGymnastics

    I'm New :)

    Hello :) My name's Emz. I'm 16, 17 in July. I'm British. I'm a gymnast for TWO gymnastics clubs. I'm not high level or anything, just county/regional competitions. But it's the ENJOYMENT that counts. I was a late starter =] x