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    To homeschool or not to homeschool

    I guess my question would be, what about your daughter. You mention what you and your husband think but what about her? This number of hours for a 6 year old seems insane. She must be prepared to give up her entire life, and I think at 6 no one is prepared for that decision!! Perhaps your...
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    that troublesome kip

    thanks thanks to all for your response :D
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    that troublesome kip

    Perhaps I didn't make myself clear with my original post....I am not looking to coach my child, that is what I pay her gym to do. They are the trained professionals not me. I am just looking for suggestions to help your child work through the frustrations that may arise. thanks.
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    that troublesome kip

    My daughter is new to gymnastics. She has been involved in gymnastics for one year now. She was evaluated by her gym in September and they determined that level 5 would be a good place for her. She has all of the essential tricks that she needs for all events except her kip. She is close but...
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    Grips for new gymnasts

    My daughter is new to gymnastics. She has been at her gym for one year. M is currently a level 5, and I was wondering if anyone can let me know if she should have grips at this point? Any information you can give would be helpful. thanks :)
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    summer camp, worth the money?

    My daughter went to Woodward this summer. It was her first experience away from home and it was rough at first. As far as the value of camp, I would say that if your child is self directed and motiviated, it is worth it. I would encourage a group of children going together - it's more fun...