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    Preschooler issue - question

    I would prefer to see the parent speak with the coach and give him the child's background info. I am sure the coach would appreciate the fact that you aren't as concerned with the skills learned at this moment as you are about the social skills gained from his participation in the class. It...
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    Arm swing on BHS

    Whoa...Whoa...Whoa.... Stop for a moment and think about all the ups and downs you personally went through as a gymnast. If your parents moved you every time you struggled with a skill or coach you be moving a couple times a year. I too have a teen who has been in gymnastics since she was a...
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    Coaches Osgood-Schalatters/inner leg strength?

    make sure the knees are lined up with the big toe and second toe on landings or it will exasperate the inner leg weakness. On girls this is important on the landings of leaps too.
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    I want to point out by nature gymnast are people-pleasers and if they have someone they trust and want to please they are more likely to make the corrections quicker. If they have someone too that they feel obligated to like their teammates or their coach they are more likely to stay in the...
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    I would agree with Coach Todd except in my current situation I find that getting too many points of view can be detrimental to the acquisition of a skill. I have found several caoches can confuse a gymnast escpecially the young ones and ones who are very technical. If all the coaches are not on...
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    How does your gym deal with coaches' fees, travel expenses?

    I get paid $75 per session and hotels if needed. I have spoken with other gyms and one requires the coaches to split the fee if more than one goes for a session. I don't like this because it deters the second coach from attending. Partly because they get paid less and partly because their...
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    I vote you go to UF. It sounds like that is the only way you will end up successful in gymnastics. If you just want to stay in gymnastics because you love the sport then the Y might be the best option for you. The Y is less expensive for a reason and your coach knows that the only way for her...
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    High School Gymnastics Requirements

    There is a book you can order from this website also. I use it for designing routines for HS gymnasts. It costs like $5. It is worth the investment.
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    High School Gymnastics Requirements

    NFHS | Gymnastics - Girls This link should answer all! Good Luck!
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    Does anyone else have the stupid skin coloured support rule ???

    As a team director I have rules for colors of supports for good reason. I have learned through experience to require a skin-colored supports and wraps, bandages. I had one gymnast who did a side leap at a meet that had a black knee brace on. Her floor score came up lower than I thought it...
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    Parents Association Question

    To get right down to it in layman's terms. "What you do for one must be done for all." All fundrasied money must be used as a team. Hypothetically... You have a team of twenty kids. You have fundrasied money for uniforms all year but only 10 of the families actually actively fundraised. The...
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    Level 8 Floor

    The original poster's routine would incur composition deductions for lack of a forward tumbling pass. My other concern is where are her other B skills coming from? Level 8 requires 4 B skills. A judge will evaluate where her "B" skills are coming from and whether they are balanced between dance...
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    Really unique leotards
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    Coaches Slow rotation in robhs back tuck

    Just BHS-BT down the incline. I am sure you could come up with a set-up to get the round-off in too. Maybe with a spotting block at the high end of the incline mat placed so that the hurdle phase is on the block and the round -off lands on the incline. Possibly putting two spotting blocks...
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    Coaches Slow rotation in robhs back tuck

    To tell ya the truth I see more problems occur in the round off than in the BHS. Nothing can be strong in tumbling if this is weak. I introduce aerials both up an incline mat and over a panel mat. It really teaches them to "drive" to turn over the round-off quicker.
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    Coaches Slow rotation in robhs back tuck

    Have they worked standing tucks off an elevated block? You can do this into a pit or onto the floor/8" mat (off a spotting block). You can also do them down an incline. I teach the entire connection down an incline to some matting (sting mat, 4", or 8") I don't allow head throwing back. They...
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    Gym startup costs

    He is right on!
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    Software for designing gym layouts

    Software for designing gym layout How cool is Sketchup...WOW! Google 3D Warehouse even has FIG dimension gymnastics equipment!
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    Ratatouille Floor Music

    Yup got it! How should I send it to you?
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    Play it safe? Or go all out?

    My advice..."Play it Smart." If your leg is bent in the leaps no matter what the angle is..then go for the full leap. If you can't clearhip out of a handstand then clean up the cast and go to 30 degrees and focus on a good clearhip.