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    IGC, Woodward, Flip Fest. WHICH ONE?!

    I reaaaally want to go to Flip Fest this summer, but i don't know if my parents will let me :( I live in the Uk so with the cost of plane tickets it would be super expensive!
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    Meet Report

    Well Done :) Very nice results, if you can place with mistakes, think how amazing you'll do without them! Keep up the hard work ;)
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    Handstand :D

    Woohoo! You officially got it now! Well done to you :D
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    Which leo?

    If it were me, I'd definitely go for the black and white one :)
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    YOUNGEST elite gymnast?

    Anyone seen this young gymnast: 09 Japan Nationals EF BB Murakami Mai A little wobbly but look at those skills :eek: and how about floor, shes got a nice double layout and double double going.. 09 Japan Nationals EF FX Murakami Mai AND, shes 14 now so she'll be eligible for 2012 :rolleyes:
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    Handstand :D

    I completely understand what you mean, you start nailing a new skill at the end of one practice then you can't stop worrying about forgetting it before the next practice!! :p
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    What are some of your comp collections?

    I make youtube videos for my sister for every competition, then she can watch them and remember the competitions. She also likes watching them to see her mistakes, that way she know what to improve on for the next meet :)
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    Handstand :D

    Nice Job! Must be incredible to finally get it after so long, don't you just love it when hard work pays off ? ;)
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    Any advice for a GYMNASTICS COACH WHO NEVER TOOK GYMNASTICS would be appreciated! =]

    Since we are talking about beginner/intermediate recreational girls, i don't think you need to be 'drilling the crap out of them.' Do things that are fun! On floor, you could do things like putting them into groups to make up routines with the moves that they know to show to the rest of the...
  10. M

    1st meet...It can only get better!

    You should be proud! Getting to level 9 is a fantastic achievement in itself, and you did a great job on floor!! (everyone here seems to be doing well on floor :p ) Keep training hard and keep up posted ;)
  11. M

    2nd level 8 meet report!

    Sounds like an awesome meet :) Nice job on floor, its always great to get in the nines :p keep it up!!
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    Comp scores :d

    Great results :D and that floor score is insane! too bad your mom missed it, would have loved to see it!! Keep us updated :)
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    Now THIS is what I'M talking about!!!!

    :D Been following them on youtube for a long time and I absolutely LOVE them! Actually, one of them; Aasha, used to go to my sister's gym, I remember watching her when she was five or six and thinking, 'WOW! She's gonna be great someday!' and look where she is now! :rolleyes: But I love...
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    How to NOT get your foot stuck doing turns on floor?

    This is just a random idea but you could try putting chalk on the bottom of your foot, I don't know if it will work though... I haven't tried it. Good luck and hey, maybe you could tell me if it works :D
  15. M

    who are your TOP 3 favorite gymnasts and why?

    Raluca Haidu - young and upcoming Romanian gymnast, won 1st AA at Romanian Internationals this year. She has beautiful lines and is very elegant, she is beautiful on bars. There was a documentary on her from when she was younger its called 'secrets of deva' its a really sad but inspiring story...
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    Dressing for Coaching

    I agree 100%, I absolutely HATE 'Pink' As for shoes, my head coach wears socks WITH his sandals :p but other coaches are usually barefoot.
  17. M


    Best: Handstand walking/handstand hold/anything with handstands :D also sit ups, i could do them all day! Worst: Shuttle runs, just because i suck at running, and chin ups :mad:
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    Music help please

    I think the music for maegan chant's routine is called 'Les petits Canquelins' I couldn't find it on youtube but here's a link: hope that helped a bit :)
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    Floor Music Help!

    The 4th one is called Gypsy Rhapsody and its by Bond, I like that one best :) Hope that helps!
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    How often do you get new Routines?

    I was wondering how often you get new routines. I guess this kind of only applies to optional girls, but i live in England and the levels and grades don't have compulsory routines, only compulsory moves... At my gym we have to make up our own routines. They give us a list of moves to pick...