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    Parents 5 year olds self esteem. Opinions please!

    I'm in agreement with Madden3. And to add, perhaps she is just not quite ready for this group. All of us who are parents or deal with young kids know there is a difference between not putting in 'full' effort and the equivalent of flopping on the ground not wanting to do whatever- which of...
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    MAG Anxiety about Level placement

    Ha yes... The coach's word is law, but anything I say has to be fact-checked...
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    Parents I love this blog!

    Good points, you're right. She probably finds it easier to place blame for what she sees as her daughter's 'failings' rather than recognize it's just part of who she is to begin with.
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    Parents I love this blog!

    I think that the point is that obviously anything you do for 6 years will impact your life... Mentioning it makes it seem like it was unexpected or something, which is kind of weird.
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    Parents Kip Frustration

    I am dying laughing...
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    Parents Attire question

    Depends what you mean by that... My dd is 9. When I bring my dd to a comp, of course I help her make sure she is fully ready. Hair neat and in the required style, warm up jacket and pants over comp leo, gym bag stocked with hair supplies, extra leo, drinks, snacks, grips, etc. We may stop in at...
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    Parents Thoughts on preteam until JO4?

    I think it would depend on the gymnast too- my ODD lives for competitions and our annual gym show, but my MDD is not a fan of competitions at all (slightly better this year at age 9/ level 3). If she could have been at a gym that started competing at lvl 4 she would have liked that. Although I...
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    WAG When is enough enough - mean coach?

    Also at age 10 I would probably let my dd decide if she want to finish the season where she is (I'm assuming a month or two?) but would be equally happy tp tey find her a new place mid season. And be sure to tell dd that how her coach is treating her is not ok.
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    WAG When is enough enough - mean coach?

    I would be finding another gym 100%. It is NEVER ok to tell my kid that she should not be talking to me about something in her life. As a parent I am well aware that my responses to her should not include coaching her on gym skills, but she is always allowed to ask whatever. I am a fairly...
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    WAG L4 mobility score

    I'm in Ontario, so I don't know if that changes things, but at my dd's most recent meet I would say it was about 25% not making 34. The worst age group wa sthe youngest, about 40%. The others ranged from 20-30%. We don't have mobility scores though, and our provincials are not til May so they...
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    WAG L4 mobility score

    No she said states in not for a few weeks yet. And I think she is looking at the percentage of gymnasts not reaching 34 at any given meet, which of course doesn't mean they have not ever gotten a 34+. But even given that everyone has a rough meet now and then, it does seem surprising that a full...
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    Parents Practicing while on vacation?

    My dds were only compulsories when we went on an extended vacation, but they did stretching and conditioning lists several times a week. They didn't do conditioning on days they were particularly active. I didn't notice any loss of skills when we got back.
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    Parents put in older age group or squad?

    Agree with bogwoppit, now is the time to really consider how much you are willing to commit to gymnastics. Competitive gym, especially if you start young, becomes a huge part of your life. Your and your daughter's schedule will revolve around gym practice, competitions, and so on. That's not...
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    Parents Pre Team tryouts

    You should have it pulled back out of her face, but perfectly slicked with gel etc shouldn't be necessary. She should look ready to work out (leo etc) but not competition ready iykwim. I suppose there might be some gyms that are obsessive about appearance, but you should be able to get a feel...
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    I can't kickover!!!

    The coaches at my dd's gym start by having the kids do rocking bridges, progressing to raising a knee when rocked over shoulders. Once ready to do the actual kickover, they have feet higher than hands to help them get over.
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    Parents Dealing with Coaches and Favoritism

    You really really really cannot look at any gymnasts progression other than your own. For one, it will turn you CGM! It has nothing to do with how you and the other parents feel about a gymnast moving up and how they are going about it. Equal opportunity does not mean each gymnast is treated...
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    Parents Siblings not in gym...

    I have four kids, and fair in our house is that everybody gets to pick an activity/ extracurricular. My two oldest were both in gym, but my ODD stopped this summer and did art classes this year. Now just MDD is in gym (and has the most $ spent on her). YDD does karate (thankfully way cheaper)...
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    Parents First meet in the bag!

    My ODD is like that too. She has focus issues notmally but at competition she just seems to be able to pull it all together. Maybe because it only requires short bursts of intense concentration?
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    Parents Talent v. Expense

    Speaking of, how did she like the camp? I remember seeing you post about it before hand.