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  1. MaggiesRanda

    Make it or Break it

    I totally agree, my teacher is all about challenging you and finding out what more you can do and he makes it fun, which i love about it/him. Sometimes it totally changes my perspective on things. :)
  2. MaggiesRanda

    Make it or Break it

    I dont actually go to a performing arts school, but next to sports acting and drama is one of the hardest classes i've taken, but its also a lot of fun! I am really excited to see how this show turns out. hopefully it doesnt put the wrong impression on people, we dont want them to think...
  3. MaggiesRanda

    OT Final exam exemptions

    At my school we really do not have finals. Unless the teacher really wants you too. And when we did have a final, we did not have to take it if we were satisfied with our grade, which was nice. The only thing that was required was that we do an end of the semester presentation, where you talk...
  4. MaggiesRanda

    OT twilight... book or movie?

    The books were definitely better than the movie, they made so many mistakes in the movie. You could totally see all of the Cullens contacts during the close ups and the last scene they made it look like Victoria was crying (during the prom)...HELLO! Vampires DONT cry! And the sparkle thing was...
  5. MaggiesRanda

    OT Random facts about you

    Intersenting... -I am very uncooridinated -your steryotipical blonde (hair color and all) straight a student though -I love soccer and goign to the desert -I live on the coast but i am scared of the ocean!! -Im short, but i like it -Wont where, pink, or skirts, dresses ocassionally, if i have...
  6. MaggiesRanda

    Magnificent Seven Reunion

    Wow, that would be really cool to go to. The only autographs I have are, Brett McClure, Shannon MIller and Tasha Schweikert.
  7. MaggiesRanda

    "Thank You" Button

    Yeah, its nice and a good feature!!! Very creative.
  8. MaggiesRanda


    First of all, i know what it feels like to fall like that and trust me it hurts more with glasses but keep stretching and icing your neck and it should feel better soon. As for grips, i dont know if there is a proper way to fold them but i always roll them up before putting them in my bag and...
  9. MaggiesRanda

    Hello, i'm new!

    Were happy to have you join! This is definatley the place to learn more! I'v been doing gym for a little over 11 years and I have learned a ton from here!
  10. MaggiesRanda

    i dont know how to work this thingy

    Well first of all, welcome to CB! Im sure anyone here is happy to help you with whatever you need, the site is really easy to navigate and really helpful too!
  11. MaggiesRanda

    Hello, i'm new!

    Welcome, Gymnastics is an awesome sport and keeps you in great shape. If you ever decide to try you will definatley get a lot of support and advice from people here at the chalk bucket.
  12. MaggiesRanda


    The good thing is you came back on track really fast! And were all proud of you! It hasnt even been a year and you have have 98% or your tumbling back. Better than half our class, give yourself more credit sometimes! And belive in yourself.
  13. MaggiesRanda

    OT Brothers or Sisters?

    Haha, brother who is 3 years younger.
  14. MaggiesRanda


    Ireland? Wow thats awesome! Welcom to CB!
  15. MaggiesRanda

    What is your floor music?

    Pirates of the Carribean! I'm obsessed thats all i have to say!
  16. MaggiesRanda


    Well I dont know if this counts but im really good at falling, and making a fool out of myself... seriously though, tumbling and vault I have more power than grace.
  17. MaggiesRanda

    Lowest Score ever?!

    Although i dont compete, I agree with Rainee, everyone has off days and no body is perfect, honestly I think parents (and some coaches) put too much pressure on the kids to be perfect and get those amazing scores and they shouldnt be brought down because they got a super low score. Yeah, the low...
  18. MaggiesRanda

    Breaking stuff

    Hehe Me and my BFF were doing some type of flips on her bed but somehow we both ended up flipping over and hitting the closet door, at the same time may i add. Her dad had to super glue the door shut and she couldnt use that side anymore, it was pretty funny but we felt bad. Another time we...
  19. MaggiesRanda

    What other sports do you do besides gym?

    I play soccer for recreational and my high school! I also like motocross but of course I just do it for fun on a quad in the desert! !Randa!
  20. MaggiesRanda

    New(ish) here

    Howdy! Welcome to the chalk bucket! Live, Laugh Love PEACE!, Randa