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    Parents 8 months to get kip?

    My new little level 3(she does have all level 3 skills) has just started working on kips. Some of the girls on her team are close to getting them, while mine is nowhere near, she doesn't even really understand how to do one. I asked her coach if I should be concerned, and she said no because she...
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    Parents Going from 8 hours to 3 hours of practice

    My DD is level 2 and will compete in level 2 meets this fall. DD is 5 but her team is made up of mostly 7-9 year olds and with very few 5-6 yr olds. They train 8 hours a week. We are moving in in January. There’s a few gyms but one that is known for being really good. They do not compete level...
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    Parents When age does body awareness usually click?

    5yr old is on level 2 team and is progressing nicely, but she just doesn't have those pretty lines and straight legs that the 7-9yr olds have. My DD is actually really great at asking the coach for clarification and she wants to make the corrections but it seems she just can't get her body to do...
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    Parents Making team without all required skills

    My 5yr old is in a "hot shots" type class for 4-6yr olds currently. They had coaches come in and evaluate them the past couple of practices. I kind of assumed she would probably make pre-team but wasn't even sure of that because our gym is pretty large. I just got an email however that she is...