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    Coaches question for coaches

    My 10 year old joined level 4 team this last winter... the girls were going to compete in spring, but were told they were not ready. Now that summer is rolling around, we are being told that they may wait until NEXT spring to start competing. (When he thinks all the girls can place) My dd is...
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    help staying on the beam!

    beam It will pass! My 4 year old went through a phase like this. I knew she could do it so I asked her why she kept falling. She told me how fun it was to fall on the mats!!! (Sounds logical::) I told her if she kept "falling" someone who really wanted to try would take her spot on her team...
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    All Star Cheer AND gymnastics????

    My dd will be moving to team (level 4) in December. (Gymnastics) She has alos cheered for pop warner for 5 years now. Our gym is starting the only competive cheer preogram in town and of course my dd wants to try and do both. Any advise? Thanks! Lynn:confused:
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    finish these sentences

    I am... talented I feel... great I dream... to be famous I can.... do a dbh I fear... a full I love... Gymnatics I regret... Quiting gymnastics at 6years and not starting again untill last year. ( I was 9 yrs when I started back) I see... ??? I know... alot of stuff I hate.... spicy food I...
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    Pull over------ yeah!

    Thanks for all the comments:) Our gym has a pretty specfic program to get to team. My dd is in the lowest level (3-5 year olds... caled tumblebugs) More than half of the tumblebugs now have there pull-over:) The next level are the hotshots, then All Stars , next preteam and then team. The...
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    Pull over------ yeah!

    My 4 year old daughter just got her pull over and is now doing it all the time! I thought she would never get it! Lynn
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    Hi, my name is Lynn and I live in AZ. I have 2 dd and 2 ds. Both of my girls are in gym.... so we live at our gym! My 9 year old just came back to gymnastics after a few years off (but she did cheer & tumbling) this last year. She is on pre-team. (At our gym-it is more like training level 4) My...