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  1. shadow

    WAG Level 3 bars-kip

    We are not letting the girls have them compete them yet. They haven't perfected it enough yet so it's just going to hurt them in the end. We will continue to work on them throughout the season and then if the kip looks great we'll put it in.... but just not yet :)
  2. shadow

    WAG Kids that hate to condition

    Ask her to explain why it is different if she can. Then maybe you can get to the bottom of it!
  3. shadow

    WAG Deductions on xcel dance skills

    Also, i believe they look for the basic optional criteria as well. Such as a variety of dance and poses, movement throughout the routines and things like that.
  4. shadow

    WAG Kids that hate to condition

    She hates the feeling of being out of breath... is she out of breath after a floor routine or after a vault?
  5. shadow

    WAG Kids that hate to condition

    This is interesting... All of my girls never really like to condition but they do it anyway... it's never to the point of wanting to quit. You said that you do lots of games and change it up. Does she not like it because it's not fun? or does she not like the idea of conditioning at all? Maybe...
  6. shadow

    WAG How much have your gymnasts learned?

    Our girls have learned all of their beam routines and all of their floor routine. Some of them can do it with music but its needs some work. Our first meet is in October so we need to be speeding things a long!
  7. shadow

    Coaches athletes foot and mat cleaning

    We scrub the mats once a month and clean the gym regularly once a week. We constantly have parents who send their kids to gym even if they are sick. We've had kids with mono and once a kid with pink eye!!! So we definitely make sure the gym is cleaned :)
  8. shadow

    WAG New level 4 and 5 beam.

    I noticed the guy in the video corrected an arm position once in the level 4 floor routine after the straddle jump. other than that I think it is the gymnasts in the video adding a little dance to the routine :) I was confused about all of this and went over with some one about it and the text...
  9. shadow

    WAG Vault Table Question

    We don't have a required setting for our girls that go over the vault. It just so happens that they all prefer to vault on the same setting. The littler girls vault on one setting and the bigger girls on a higher setting. This makes it much easier for us coaches :)
  10. shadow

    Coaches Requesting Back Handspring Drills for a beginner

    well... she didn't show up tonight so I didn't have the chance to use any of these drills. But I will next time!
  11. shadow

    Coaches Requesting Back Handspring Drills for a beginner

    Thanks for these! I will try these tonight when we have the lesson. I'm going to try to explain the "L" shape a little better... When I am spotting her I have to physically flip her backwards because her shoulders do not go back. If i wasn't there to spot, she would land flat on her back with...
  12. shadow

    Coaches Requesting Back Handspring Drills for a beginner

    I do private lessons with a girl who wants to learn a back handspring. I have her doing back limbers and back handsprings over a barrels and those are looking great. She also does jump body slams and those look good also. When I spot her in a resi pit, she brings her legs up way before she...
  13. shadow

    WAG New compulsory music

    I'm leaning towards the piano for all levels... its the only one that I believe that sounds half way decent :)
  14. shadow

    WAG Comparing the 7s

    So... since there are only "A" clear hips and more amplitude deductions, does anyone think that the scoring will be a little harsher this time? as in do you think the judges will be focusing on the clear hips more?
  15. shadow

    Coaches How do you deal with whining kids?

    When our little ones start to do that I just tell them, in the nicest way possible, that if it's really bad then they can call mom and go home. It usually works. We use to sit kids down then a majority of them wanted to sit also. Or, if they keep on about something hurting then tell them that...
  16. shadow

    WAG Level 3 handstand on beam...

    I didn't really compare the video with the book yet.. this is the only one that really stood out too me but I will definitely look for more.
  17. shadow

    WAG Level 3 handstand on beam...

    Yep. I just saw the official video today... they changed it. It is a cross handstand with legs together.
  18. shadow

    WAG Level 5 extension roll

    Do they land in a pike and stop or is there something else after that? If anyone remember the old, old routines... the level 6 did a back extension roll, came down in a pike and then to their knees... if that's the case then I would guess it would be on their very tips... but I am only guessing...
  19. shadow

    WAG Level 3 handstand on beam...

    Me either.. but hopefully get to see them today!!
  20. shadow

    WAG Level 3 handstand on beam...

    I thought it was just kick up and keep legs in a split. As in they never come together... but I could be wrong