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  1. sbonham

    WAG Maggie Haney suspended

    After coaching gymnastics (both WAG (club level) and MAG (club, high school and university)) for eleven years I taught kinesiology, coaching techniques for eight - then did my doctoral work in instructional design/technology. In my final years before retirement I had an opportunity to help...
  2. sbonham

    MAG State Meet Requirements (SC)

    I don't believe that SC has a qualifying score for the men - BUT(!) best to check with your State Chairman Tony Ivey (I believe) email: [email protected]
  3. sbonham

    MAG Kip Cast Compositional Deduction?

    You're speaking of Level 8 and up? I think most judges would deduct at least .1 for kip with an overgrip to cast to handstand - change one hand to undergrip - change second hand to undergrip. Your other options would be: Hop the hands to an undergrip on the forward swing prior to the undergrip...
  4. sbonham

    MAG L5 floor question

    While the jump-press to momentary handstand is the required element in Level 5 a straight arm press to a momentary handstand WOULD be equivalent. Your coach (while sticking to the manual) is wrong - and any experienced judge will recognize the effort made - if it is performed cleanly. A...
  5. sbonham

    MAG Men's & Women's Gym Recommendation

    South Florida Gymnastics <> in Bradenton/Sarasota, FL would be a good one. The boy's program is a very strong... 20+ guys coached by Jason Collins
  6. sbonham

    MAG Strategy/Tool for JO Vault Evaluation

    Coaches/Judges, At an NGJA Course this past weekend Antonio Juan (FL State Vault Leader) shared his Vault Assessment strategy and notation tool. Pretty effective way to judge a difficult event. The PDF is at: Please feel free to share. Steve
  7. sbonham

    MAG MAG clinic at Temple

    I can share that ANY clinic Fred Turoff (Temple Coach) is running will be of great value to all involved.
  8. sbonham

    Coaches NJ Men's USAG Website

    I'm getting a "server not found" error message...
  9. sbonham

    WAG Meet scores shared?

    I've volunteered in a number of large (>1000 participants) meets - AND I've sat in the stands with the family members - ahemmm(!!!) paying spectators (in the last meet the admission price was $40 per person btw) - and I don't think my suggestions are outrageous requests. With my suggestion - the...
  10. sbonham

    MAG Mushroom circles, yay!

    I've been hopeful for a long time that women's artistic gymnastics would do away with asymmetric bars in favor of a single bar - or a horizontal bar. After all, during my involvement I've seen three variations; 1. slightly modified men's P-bars (one higher - one lower, the higher with a simple...
  11. sbonham

    WAG Meet scores shared?

    Firefly and Ginger, Great story about your daughter once whipping the Olympic Beam Champion! Make me smile. I agree any participant (or family member thereof) in a meet should be able to access scores. With the entry fees that are charged nowadays they can certainly afford to post scores online...
  12. sbonham

    MAG Mushroom circles, yay!

    AzGymMom, I checked out your link and watched Christian routines at the 2014 AZ State meet. He's a fine ALL Arounder. Nice swing on PH & M! And HB PB too. Congratulations. I was sorry not to see his rings!
  13. sbonham

    WAG Coaches - good majors for wanting to be a coach

    As someone in higher ed for 30+ years (my first 6 coaching men's gymnastics (last 4 at the University of Georgia)), 6 more teaching coaching techniques and kinesiology - the last 14 as a faculty developer (director & lead instructional designer) I would offer the following advice if she wants...
  14. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    :-) Very glad to hear that... BUT want to make sure I understand - You mentioned the P-bar kip - and "the video I posted"... ? the glide kip on P-bars video? I am scratching my head (LOL)... because I have made one of those (don't know if I have shared it here however) and uploaded it to...
  15. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    Mornin Profmom, The majority of the skills performed in L4-6 are the "foundation" for everything that follows. USA Gymnastics has done a nice job of constructing these exercises to build upon one another. If these building blocks are not mastered - every layer of brick, every brick - column and...
  16. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    Sce, You are correct on the vault scores and so the AAs too. My error... and perhaps my level (90%) of mastery is high but this is a fairly standard percentage in other sports/skilled performance areas. As I said - there would of course be exceptions...
  17. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    Grace, I agree - I think that our USAG system needs some substantial tweaking... and I think that is happening... In Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan, and China the gymnastics community (coaches, gymnasts, judges, parents) is/are much more patient. Much more emphasis is placed on...
  18. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    My 2 cents... regarding moving up USAG Levels Guys can be challenged at almost any level if their goal is MAXIMAL performance. A level 4 routine performed by Sam Mikulak or Koichi Uchimura would look incredibly different from what most L4s do. The same is true for the other compulsory levels...
  19. sbonham

    MAG Skills questions for L4-5: p-bars handstand & ROBHS

    One of the best drills I've found for developing core strength AND shoulder alignment control for SWING HANDSTANDS on P-bars is swinging dumb-bells... forward (towards the planche side) AND rearward (about shoulder-blade high). In two or three cycles the gymnast should be able to get the weights...
  20. sbonham

    MAG Friends quitting

    I hope some effort is being made by gym management - as to discovering the reasons individually that each boy left the program. Getting to the heart of the matter is often complicated... and sometimes a "fix" can be made to turn things around. Yes, sometimes boys just decide it's too much time -...