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  1. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Practices

    We started back this week, but our family is going to personally hold back a bit. Our gym opened a new location, and the boys had 3 practices at the old location and one at the new one. After seeing how practice went, we felt like the protocols were outside of our personal risk level at the old...
  2. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Teams

    What mask has your daughter been wearing and does the gym require everyone to wear one? A friend said that her daughter uses a homemade one made from batik for dance class and that the batik was "lighter" than the homemade ones from quilting fabric. I had one made from used batik and I realized...
  3. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Teams

    Long time! I think our boys' team is doing fine. I don't think anyone's left. My kiddo is likely moving to JD because he doesn't want all the hours (new middle schooler). However, I'll be honest...I'm just not sure that my comfort level is there with the reopenings. We've been doing Zoom and...
  4. lilmisssunshine

    Offshoot from the gym opening suggestions thread

    I don't know when our gym might be opening, and I'm OK with that. Our gym just opened a second location, so that might help with limiting crowds, but that's two mortgage bills to pay... I always thought that the real bread-and-butter of a gymnastics center was the rec kids, and I just don't know...
  5. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Back Giant vs. Front Giant

    Thank you!! Videos help and I must have been searching wrong because I couldn't find anything good.
  6. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Back Giant vs. Front Giant

    OK. I think I'm starting to get it...o_O Maybe.
  7. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Back Giant vs. Front Giant

    Basic question....what's the difference? In my head, the difference should be that in a front giant, you lead with the front of your body going into a forward sort of motion, whereas the back giant, you'd lead with your back, going backwards. But that doesn't seem to be the case. When my son...
  8. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Catching up on strength?

    FWIW, my 9yo's coach had been saying "He just needs more strength" for the entire year. At the end-of-season wrap-up, I mentioned that DS is still kind of young and not mature enough to pro-actively ask for an at-home training plan, but if one was offered, I was pretty sure that he'd take the...
  9. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Rules on hair

    I had heard that there could be deductions for crazy hair colors, so I asked the judge I was sitting next to for scoring once. He said that he would never deduct for that. Like others, I've seen all different types of "unconventional" hairstyles (quotes because I don't think they're really that...
  10. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Broken Ankle :(

    Oh no...that sucks.
  11. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Male abuse victim comes forward

    I know that the blame is 100% on the abusers, but I do think that one of the best things we can do as parents is keep an eye out on EVERYONE's kids. That's one of the things I value so much about my group of gym-parent friends. They'll shoot me a text to say, "K told me that this happened in...
  12. lilmisssunshine

    MAG When an athlete has a bad attitude

    My son is 9 and while he generally would never go so far as to act out with an authority figure around, he does show some of this behavior with me. I find that it's generally related to a few things: *Feeling unloved (We have major sibling rivalry and my son often feels like dad loves his...
  13. lilmisssunshine

    Parents Strong compulsory vs. strong optionals

    My son's first year, his team was really killing it. First place team at almost every competition. Then we got to this one competition. I recognized some parents wearing gear from the gym that got first place team at states last year, so I started chatting them up. One of them mentioned that...
  14. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Pommel circles and cartwheel leading side

    My son was just telling me that his coach said he was rare because he cartwheels with one foot and kicks up into a handstand with another foot. He's not making him switch or anything, but does say that this is negatively affecting his front handspring step outs. I wonder if perhaps there is a...
  15. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Any Boy YouTubers?

    So I'm 100% certain that I'm not the only one who has a kid who wants to be a YouTuber. My son wants to do this and I've even recorded a few "watch me play video games" or "let's try gross food combinations" ones. I was wondering there are any channels like the SevenGymnasticsGirls but for...
  16. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Proud Mom Brag

    Good for him!
  17. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Someone remind me...

    I would guess about 8 months from the time they started working on it until the time that most of the guys in the gym had it. One interesting thing about this with us is that they all seemed to get it at once when working with a different coach at the state clinic. In the L5 routine, the kip...
  18. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Uchimura NOOOOO!!!!

    We got a last-minute invite to go out to see Worlds and jumped at the chance. We'll just be watching the AA on Thursday. Obviously, my half-Japanese, half-American kid is quite invested in the Japanese team and we were so excited to see Uchimura. Really sad to see the injury. :(
  19. lilmisssunshine

    Parents What/When Do You PARENTS Eat?

    I've seen plenty of conversations about what to feed the kids, especially with long drives and practices that stretch over the dinner hours. I feed my kids dinner in the car, but I struggle to feed myself. My son has 3 hour practices 30 minutes away from our house. They have a microwave and I'm...
  20. lilmisssunshine

    MAG First time Head Coach looking for pointers...

    Welcome! By asking around about these things, you're setting yourself up for success. Here are some of my thoughts: dealing with parents Words matter. Prof mom had some good suggestions. But even here, you used the words "dealing with" which sort of sets up an adversary relationship. I'm...