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    Level 8 meet after ankle/heel issues

    The meet turned out pretty good. She wiped out on low bar at the endof practice for some reason, got the wind knocked out of her and hurt her ankle. Couldn't practice on Friday, but competed on Saturday. I was proud of her for getting through everything. Landed her vault in warmup but not...
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    Score vs Place: Food for Thought

    For us, the paper here won't print the article if it is too jumbled with so many numbers. So, we found that we get our article in the paper and in the paper faster when we just list places. I know it doesn't seem right in the gymnastics world, because I completely see your point. Maybe the...
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    Change in MD Compulsory Season

    I saw it on the mdusag web site as well. The compulsory season is not changing. I wonder if some gyms did not move girls up because of the "shorter" compulsory season this year. They probably should have thought it through a little more, now the state cup is canceled as well.
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    Floor Routines in General

    We can get new routines or use an old routine. Sometimes one gymnast's old routine would work better for another gymnast. Sometimes they will keep their routines and even just change the music. Most of the girls get new routines though probably 90%.
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    Leotard tape/ glue

    I would be worried anything would damage the leo. I saw some girls putting hair glue on so they wouldn't get wedgies. We got new leos this year with the high cut leg and the girls are always complaining.
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    Beam - level 7 deductions

    I do not mind any comments at all! This is her second year doing level 7 and it is the same routine from last year. She is doing the v-sit because that is one of her two B's. She can do all these other skills on beam but you would never know if from this routine. She is beatifully flexible...
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    Beam - level 7 deductions

    Thanks so much for your response. She seems so careless sometimes when it comes to her legs. Her routine seems so choppy, but I think it is because they want the girls up on the beam, do the required skills, then get off. There seems to be no choreography to any of the beam routines. I guess...
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    Beam - level 7 deductions

    My daughter is doing beautifully this year. She barely gets a 9.00 on beam and it frustrates her. I am not complaining. her AA scores are great this year, she is just not one of those 9.8 gymnasts. I realize deductions add up, but what is she getting deducted for in her beam routine? She...
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    Parents YouTube Addresses

    Our YouTube page is YouTube - angelturbo's Channel
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    Vault - L7

    Sorry, the score for this vault was an 8.5. Back in Feb she got a 7.9 for her vault and yet 2 weeks earlier she got a 9.025. Her one coach even told her in between the first and second vault in this video to pull in her belly. My poor daughter is one of the lowest scoring vaulters on the team...
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    Vault - L7

    My daughter has always seemed to have vaulting issues. She used to pike over the table, then she was in a tight hollow position for a while. One meet she gets a 9 then next meet 2 weeks later a 7.9. Her coach is fantastic. I was hoping someone could look at her video from states. Maybe someone...
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    Blasted Fly Away

    My daughter is having the same problems. It's been lingering for a couple of months. About 4 months ago she was doing giant to layout fly away on the pit bar and released too late because she was trying to pick up speed on her giants and hit the top of the bar with both her shins. She was...
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    Parents I finally have a life again!

    You did an awesome job! I am sure the entire book looks fantastic!!
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    Parents hair... oh the agony...

    I always dampen the hair before doing anything. Making it wet or not too wet. I use a sculpting cream as well. My my daughter was in the lower levels, I would make a low pony tail using the bands with the grips on them. The low pony tail would work because it wouldn't bother her when she...
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    Parents Nasty Parents

    Boy do I know what you mean. After being Booster Club president for 2 years and managing the budget, I have seen it all. I've learned that you can't be friends with everyone, but you can participate and just be nice. I also sometimes get in a pattern when I can't take it anymore and to just...
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    Grips are slipping around wrists

    :fryingpan: How was I supposed to know not to wash the wrist bands. :D I will give her your suggestions and see what happens tonight at practice. I'll tell her to re-gross the wrist bands.
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    Meeting at the meet thread

    Level 7 ACPR Harvest Invitational - Nov 15/16 No Christmas on the Chesapeake this year :( Candy Cane Classic - Dec 5/6 Hanover YMCA Classic - Jan 17/18 East Coast Classic - Feb 7/8 NC State - Feb 28 No Katie Baldwin this year :( Columbia Spring Fling - Mar 21/22 4-Star Tune...
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    Welcome MommyJudge. Congratulations on becoming a judge. That had to be a lot of hard work. What does your gymnast think of you being a judge now?
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    Hi from Kansas!

    Welcome to the CB. Everyone is great here. You can find comments and answers to almost anything!
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    Grips are slipping around wrists

    My daughter uses the Pixie Velcro Grips, she is 9 years old and a level 7 this year. She just started using her grips over the summer. I had gotter her the Ten-0 grips but they were too long. She measures a 5.5" so the pixies worked better. She says they slip around her wrists and she is...