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  1. Gympocalypse

    Maroney floor?

    Her routine was 1:31 long, so 0.1 was deducted. I really wanted to see her in the FX finals, but at least she'll have the chance to defend her vault World title.
  2. Gympocalypse

    2013 World Championships Website

    The selection camp began today! The USA Worlds team will be announced at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday. I'm so excited!!!! :D
  3. Gympocalypse

    Team try-outs

    Congratulations!!! :)
  4. Gympocalypse

    YAY!!!!!!!! I GOT MY BACK HIP CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats!! So happy for you! I guess now you're closer to level 3? :)
  5. Gympocalypse

    Live streaming and tv schedule for Championships Hartford

    Hope the quality of the live streaming will be better than it was at the Secret Classics...maybe since P&G is aired by NBC and not Universal Sports. Fingers crossed!
  6. Gympocalypse

    Hi everyone!

    Glad that you're having fun! You're never too old for gymnastics. :) My first class was with 7 year olds. Around the time I joined, the gym was preparing for a showcase, and it was hilariously embarrassing to spend 15 minutes each time practicing a cutsie dance inspired by the Wizard of Oz...
  7. Gympocalypse

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Shelby, welcome to ChalkBucket! I've just started gymnastics (almost two months ago) and I'm a black belt, too. You'll meet many nice, helpful people here. Don't worry about being the oldest one in your class....there's many gymnasts here who were late beginners and with tons of...
  8. Gympocalypse

    Floor music!

    Do you like modern remixes of famous classical pieces or just regular classical music? A similar song is Palladio by Escala. Regardless, Gypsy Rhapsody is an awesome choice! Send me a pm if you like classical music better, because I have more suggestions for that and can edit music as well. :)
  9. Gympocalypse

    Can I make it?

    Wow, I remember reading some of your posts not too long ago and you seem very determined and hardworking! At the rate you're improving, I think it's very possible! Good luck and don't be discouraged about the back hip circle. You'll get there! :)
  10. Gympocalypse

    WAG Age and Floor Music

    Routines do look nice when the body type fits the music, however what really captivates the judges/audience is when the gymnast is truly performing. There's something so special about expressing musicality in a routine, and judges seem to really appreciate it when the gymnast shows passion for...
  11. Gympocalypse

    Team tryouts and straddle splits

    haha BlairBob is right! It is going to suck, but it's worth it! For the longest time I could only do my front splits, but after I learned these tips I got my straddle in a week. Always lean forwards so your legs form 180°, using your elbows to support, instead of sitting down and trying to...
  12. Gympocalypse

    Do rips scar?

    That is interesting! Apparently both the palms of hands and soles of feet are the areas of your body with the thickest/most layers of skin, so that's why they both don't scar easily and have similar texture. Thanks for bringing that up, I never thought of it that way!
  13. Gympocalypse

    Do rips scar?

    I rip pretty often, and though the actual rips heal in decent time, there’s always a faint splotch left behind. :p As a result of this, both my hands are covered in little splotches. I've always wondered, do rips leave permanent scars?
  14. Gympocalypse

    Workout hairstyles that won't fall out?

    Totally wish there was a "love" button for all of these! They are AMAZING and work so well! I can't wait to see the confused look on my coach's face when she sees that my hair actually looks pretty. :)
  15. Gympocalypse

    Workout hairstyles that won't fall out?

    Thank you all so much for your advice! I will definitely try everything out. :) I goofed earlier when I said I use scrunchies, I meant to say the plain elastic hair ties...or are they the same thing? Oh dear...I'll use the really tight, thin elastics that snap easily instead, since my hair is so...
  16. Gympocalypse

    Workout hairstyles that won't fall out?

    Do you guys have any recommendations for workout hairstyles? I have medium/long hair that is usually put in a high ponytail/bun with multiple scrunchies, bobby pins, and hairspray. No matter how securely I tighten it, my hair always manages to unravel itself and whip around in my face during...
  17. Gympocalypse

    WAG Summer Universiade 2013!!!!!!

    I think the reason why there wasn't a team for the US is because major competitions are all soon after and close together, and I believe the main girls are trying to avoid exhausting themselves. Personally, I don't think the best USA girls will ever compete in this competition as long as the...
  18. Gympocalypse

    Videos of summer universiade 2013?

    You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the videos. :)
  19. Gympocalypse

    WAG Summer Universiade 2013!!!!!!

    Faith, the Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia is an International multisport event that lasts about 1.5 weeks. Technically university athletes are meant to compete, but everyone who competed in the gymnastics competition used to be second-tier elites/"burned out" elite gymnasts, so...
  20. Gympocalypse

    Videos of summer universiade 2013?

    I just love gabrielmcdonough :) This is Part 1: WAG Team Quals/Final Universiade Kazan 2013 part 1 - YouTube He's uploaded parts 1-5 of the TQ/TF so far. Enjoy!