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    Anon Why is this a thing? (leotard required)

    We're in Australia but at our gym the girls can basically wear whatever they are comfortable in within reason. My girls wear leotards or sports bras (eg. the nike ones that don't look like actual bras) with fitted shorts but some girls wear tank tops or tops over, some wear leggings in winter...
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    Parents Gymnast Nutrition Courses - are they worth it?

    My daughter's gym ran the Balanced Gymnast course with Christina during one of our lockdowns (we're in Australia) and it was really great to do it that way as we got an overview of all the things that are important to consider for fueling, preventing injury and helping with injuries, some meal...
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    Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    This has been an interesting read, especially because we're in Australia so often the ages are a bit older per level here. Plus our levels don't fully match up skill wise from watching video's. But here are my girls anyway: DD1 2.5-5.5 - Rec gym 5.5-6 - Level 1 7 - Level 2 8 - Level 3 (first...
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    Gym recommendations in Sutherland Shire area in Sydney?

    My daughter currently attends a gym in sutherland shire and it seems better than the last gym she attended (being challenged more etc) but just curious if anyone has recommendation for gyms in the area or surrounding areas? Want to make sure she's in the right place, thanks :)