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  1. longlivedasset2

    Parents Level 4 hours?

    The linked thread was very helpful. Thank you! I think Xcel is a better fit for us, but we would have to move our gym which would make my daughter very sad. It seems that all options have pros and cons.. :-(
  2. longlivedasset2

    Parents Level 4 hours?

    Thanks! We are considering Xcel, but we would have to change gym to do that which will be hard for my girl who's so close with other team members. The link you shared was very helpful!
  3. longlivedasset2

    Parents Level 4 hours?

    My 7yo is about to start practicing for level 4. She likes gymnastics, but she doesn't 'live and breathe' gymnastics like some girls do. I think she's decent at it. They are about to start 12 hours/week training, but the scheduling isn't firm yet. I know this is the low-end of average practice...
  4. longlivedasset2

    Parents Tips to make meets more enjoyable?

    Hi I'm new here. I've been to two meets for my daughter so far, and I felt pretty unprepared. The event lasted a lot longer than expected, and the bleachers were so uncomfortable! Do you all have any tips to make the events more enjoyable? I'm eyeing on stadium seats, but they look kind of...