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  1. emilykatherine

    WAG Falls on beam... Please help settle a debate w/DD

    2... I may or may not have done that at STATE one year....
  2. emilykatherine

    WAG Places to get cheap GK elite leotards? I order from them all them time, they're super fast!
  3. emilykatherine

    WAG Gymnasts who roll their ankles

    Mine!!! I tape both every practice. My ankles are weak and most of my ligaments are torn so they tend to roll because nothing keeps them from rolling, but the tape helps
  4. emilykatherine

    WAG Options for continuing gymnastics in College

    There are also some schools that have acrobatics and tumbling teams. It's not gymnastics, but it's a close second.
  5. emilykatherine

    WAG Does your gym do Big Sis/Little Sis?

    We do families, each family has one kid from each train group and that is their family for the season. As a group they come up with a family name and then throughout the season they compete against other family's for points. At the end of the season which ever family has the most points gets...
  6. emilykatherine

    WAG Hmmm.... Possible injury... Where to take her?

    I have a fabulous sports orthopedic who is currently fixing my very bruised hand(bone bruise) so if you can find one that's where I would take her.
  7. emilykatherine

    Martha Conference Call

    That's ridiculous.
  8. emilykatherine

    Let's hear your U.S. Olympic trials stories!

    I would be upset too
  9. emilykatherine

    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    They were photoshopped
  10. emilykatherine

    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    What happened between gabby and her coaches?
  11. emilykatherine

    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    No they'll go to the ranch but not To rio
  12. emilykatherine

    2016 Women's Artistic Gymnastics Olympic Team!

    I'm not happy about gabby, she fell twice. If they were going to take another bar specialist take Ashton.
  13. emilykatherine

    How to earn point on the trials app?

    If your talking about just the trials shirt, they're inside too.
  14. emilykatherine

    No Amanar for Gabby

    Yes but Laurie could easily take over on bars for Gabby, and if they are going to take 2 bar specialist they should take Madison and Ashton, not Gabby.
  15. emilykatherine

    Has anyone else had people assume you're going to the trials for YOUR kid?!

    Agreed!! I do it for fun believe it or not!