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    Bad crash

    What a courageous kid! Glad to hear he's doing better!
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    Cute Points

    I'd say..."Oh, I didn't realize you thought your daughter wasn't cute." :D Seriously though, you did the right thing. Just ignore the odd/rude/jerky comments, they will unfortunately come from everywhere in reference to everything. Just smile and back away slowly.
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    8 year old level 7 doing her Giants in a meet first time

    Beautiful job! Good luck to her at States
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    He can do that with shoes on?!

    My 10 year old son, maybe you should buy me those shoes LOL
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    Headed of to surgery-Healing fairies needed!

    I hope everything went well, sending healing fairies.
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    She finally got her front mill in competition!!!!

    Congrats to her!
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    Courtney Kupets Pink Invitational

    Congrats to her!
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    How do you know when it is time to make a gym switch?

    We also switched gyms, the drive is longer, about 25 minutes and the new gym has all the equipment needed and pits as well, so somewhat similar to your situation. For us the move was a good one and my kids are loving the new gym. I think none of us know what our kids will end up doing, no matter...
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    DD's very first meet report! (L3)

    She did great, congrats to her!! :)
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    Limited workout for preschooler?

    I saw that too when I first came on here. My 4 1/2 year old can do a back walkover, bridge to kick over too and I've stopped her from doing them in the house (she's constantly flipping somewhere) there is so much they work on in gym (pullovers, hip circles, vault, round offs, beam, etc) all that...
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    They're just little kids!

    Well said!
  12. T

    MAG American Cup!

    Yep, thought she was great and my 8 year old daughter loves watching her.
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    Need Meet Fairies for Tomorrow

    Sending those fairies! Good luck to her!
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    OMG - little dd got her kip!

    Congrats to her, that's great!!
  15. T

    Legal Aspects

    Spot on. PIMJames your sister needs to contact her attorney.
  16. T

    Hello Everybody

    Welcome to CB! :)
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    Nastia Liukin Cup

    My girls watched it on the webcast too :) My girls loved the juniors leos and want pink sparkly ones now lol
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    Parents Please send extra fairies this way!

    Wonderful news, glad she's doing better! Good luck to her!
  19. T

    I don't like skinny gymnasts

    Lolol!! :D
  20. T

    my 3 1/2 year old learning cartweel

    She is too cute! Awesome cartwheel! :)