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  1. iBleedChalk

    Missing gymnastics like crazy.

    Hey Everyone, So I haven't been on here in a while, mostly because last September I "took a break" from gymnastics. I've had bunions on my feet and they were getting extremely painful, so I decided it would be beneficial to take a break for about a year. Well it has been a year, and I can't go...
  2. iBleedChalk

    Letting go

    It's been weeks since I've been on here last, and I have a reasonable excuse. Many of you know about the problems I've been having with my foot. I have a severe bunion on my right foot, and according to my podiatrist a minor one on my left. It's getting to the point where it's too painful to do...
  3. iBleedChalk

    How tall are you?

    I'm either 4'11 or 5 feet. For some reason every time I measure myself it goes back and forth. But my legs are...well...stubs. They're super short and my torso is really long soo, if my torso was the "average" size, I'd be much shorter. I can't find anyone with hands, feet and ears smaller than...
  4. iBleedChalk

    Gymnastics novel?

    If this by chance is that wrong section to post this in...let me know. I wasn't quite sure where it fit in (: Okay, so lately I've been wanting to right a novel, or short story, about a gymnast. Possibly even one that relates to my life in general. I've been told my family members, friends and...
  5. iBleedChalk

    being mental sucks.

    I understand you completely. Although it's not the deepest of words, here's my advice: Breathe. When you're stressed and upset, take a breather and block out everything that's upsetting you. But here's what I want you to keep in mind when you're stressed about being to old for the olympics...
  6. iBleedChalk

    Lauren got her KIP!

    That's great!! Congratulations :) I remember how excited I was when I first got my kip... I'm pretty sure I cried. Haha. If she does lose it.. tell her not to get discouraged! It is one of my most inconsistent skills, but it always feels great when I get it back! Good luck in future competitions :)
  7. iBleedChalk

    Thoughts on Nastia?

    I'm starting to think that too...I forgot how much older she is than Shawn and most of the other Sr. girls. Plus, it doesn't sound like she's very motivated to get back on her feet.
  8. iBleedChalk

    who will be on the womens 2012 OLYMPIC TEAM?

    Assuming she'll go injury free until then...knock on wood...I think Jordin Wieber is on the track to the Olympics. Shawn has the potential, I guess it just depends on how her training goes considering she had a long break. Chelsie Memmel did outstanding at the Visa Champs, and Rebecca Bross as...
  9. iBleedChalk

    Thoughts on Nastia?

    Do you guys think Nastia's going to start competing again? I feel like she still has a lot of potential, but when the reporter asked her if she thought she would come back and train for the olympics... she sort of kept blowing off the question. She said she could lean either way and that she...
  10. iBleedChalk

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    I realize that the closing your eyes thing won't cure it, the psychologist just mentioned it can release some of the stress of your fear. The only way to ACTUALLY resolve the issue is to face your fears and just do what you're afraid of over and over. The "closing your eyes thing" is a way to...
  11. iBleedChalk

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Hey Everyone, A few years ago, I was the highest level gymnast on my team. My confidence was skyrocketing everyday, and I was fearless. I'm not that girl anymore. I'm afraid of almost any dangerous skill, even before I've tried it. I immediately think of the way I could possibly hurt myself...
  12. iBleedChalk

    At-home conditioning

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if your coaches require you to do conditioning at home. We get a sheet that tells us what to do on which days. If so, let me know which exercises you do and how many reps or for how long. Hope to hear back from you (:
  13. iBleedChalk

    OT Twitter!

    Hey there (: I was just curious to know if any of you had a twitter. I could always use more followers and Id be happy to follow any of you (: Plus, it would be an easy way to get to know more of you. My username is in my signature, so if you want me to follow you, either let me know on twitter...
  14. iBleedChalk

    How to balance school and gymnastics?

    I guess it just sort of depends how long and how often your practices are. I only have practice a few times a week, so it was never really an issue. Are you asking how to fit in time for homework? If you dont have practice right after school, get it done then. That way its not put off until the...
  15. iBleedChalk

    floor music....

    This year I'm using "Requiem For a Dream." In the past I've used music that was too fast and upbeat, and my 'dance moves' looked too choppy and rushed. Like you, I'm not a born dancer. I'm probably one of the least graceful gymnasts on my team. Requiem For a Dream works for me, and hopefully for...
  16. iBleedChalk


    Well I good way to avoid little extra deductions is to make your routines shorter. Obviously, a floor routine cannot be shortened until you get new music. But on beam, try to make it short and to the point without going under the time limit. If you have extra skills that aren't requirements that...
  17. iBleedChalk

    Am I too old?

    You can't put an age on gymnastics. If your body lets you do it, then age shouldn't matter (: I'm 14 and I'm in Level 7, and for a while I thought I was too old. Don't compare yourself to the other girls and remember that age is just a number!
  18. iBleedChalk

    I let myself down...

    Very true...thanks! (:
  19. iBleedChalk

    I let myself down...

    I'm not trying to sound like I'm doing whatever I can to argue, but I disagree. I used to learn WAY faster than I do now... and I definitely noticed a change in my accomplishments when I gained weight. Not to mention I have more weight to carry around and it makes in harder of my muscles and joints.
  20. iBleedChalk

    "You Don't Look Like A Gymnast"

    First of all, since when is "gymnast" an ethnicity? Not all gymnasts are meant to look the same, just like all people are not meant to look the same. Some gymnasts are short, some are tall. Some are slim and some are curvy. Why doesn't matter what you look like? If you work, act and feel like a...