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    Women's AA Finals

    Kyla also won Longines award for most elegant - :-)
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    Women's AA Finals

    It's Simone!!!! Kyla 2nd - Aliya 3rd
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    Yao bars move

    What was that somersault move over the bar that Yao of China did? Was it original??
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    WAG Worlds - where are the Aussies?

    I was looking for the Australians at Worlds and there doesn't appear to be any women competing - only men? True??? Is so - I wonder why???
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    What National level is similar to Level 8 in US?

    I can give it a shot! Tsuk tuck on vault. Full, front to back, front front on floor, pirouette, clear hip to handstand, double giant on bars, bhs/bhs, back tuck on beam ..
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    What National level is similar to Level 8 in US?

    I am the Mum (Aussie expat) of an 11year old Level 8 gymnast in the USA. I am wondering what level in the National stream she could be in Australia? At level 8 they do 4A's and 4 B's in their routines. I have looked for info on Australia websites, but not easy to find - so hoping this forum may...