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  1. pamred4

    WAG Age for Level

    This is regarding my Australian gym so it may not be relevant but regardless also these apply to team girls not rec L1: 5-6 L2: 6-7 L3: 7-9 L4: 7-11 L5: 11-13 L6: 11-16 L7-10: 13-15
  2. pamred4

    Mobile App Questions?

    I solely use the app, unless I need to adjust settings or something :)
  3. pamred4

    WAG Training times and break times - a survey

    Training is 3:45-7:45 and we get a 15 min break at around 5ish. Fridge and microwave available. There is no junk food allowed but it is not heavily policed ;)
  4. pamred4

    Pixie cuts and competitions

    A girl I train with had a hairstyle similar and she did a small braid a cross the front and around the side to some bobby pins to keep the ends out of the way. The rest was left down :)
  5. pamred4

    Recommended Clubs in QLD?

    Delta Gymnastics is situated in the Gold coast and depending where you decide to live in Brisbane will be more or less accessible. As far as I can tell/have seen they are a really tight knit gym with a really good team environment (girls are always cheering each other on at meets, they have...
  6. pamred4

    Creativity and Gymnastics

    Routines? Mainly floor and beam but the artistry can really reflect a gymnasts personality
  7. pamred4

    Coaches Recreational Teenage Boys Group

    A simple parkour corse? That's what our teen rec boys are really into at the moment!
  8. pamred4

    Coaches Press Handstand Work Everyday?

    Our acro girls (from level 3-international) work presses every training as well as other things. Depending on the levels your coaching it would change. If you could provide the level I could give you some more specific info
  9. pamred4

    My age is bothering me for the level I am..

    I'm a 16 year old level 6 and I can say that all the comps j have ever competed at I was not the oldest W(hen I was in level 4 I was 14 and level 5 I was 15). Apart from being the tallest in the height order line (if your gym even does that) there was nothing different between being older. I...
  10. pamred4

    Coaches Fun games for recreational gymnasts on trampoline?

    In my class if the coach is feeling nice we play stick it, but kind of altered. We usually play it in tumbl track but I guess it could be changed for trampoline and still be effective. A gymnast does her skill (front salto, round off backsalto or layout ect.) and they have to stick 5 then they...
  11. pamred4

    Coaches Drills to get beginners to jump on beam

    I find that working through the relevant movements like; 1. Stand tall 2. Bend knees and hands go behind bottom 3. Rise up onto tippy toes arms go up convening ears 4. 'Motorbike' landing 5. Present After doing this for just over a week the girls got board and were eager to try the proper...
  12. pamred4

    Leo that rides up (competition)

    Bum glue!! (Glue that is used for holding bandages up) I purchased mind from the local medical supplies store. It is possible to buy it from leotard stores like gk I THINK but I'm not 100% sure :0
  13. pamred4

    How tall are you?

    16, 165cm... We don't do feet or inches here in Australia!
  14. pamred4

    WAG Twisting??

    Our gym introduces twisting very early from what I can tell here. Our level 3 girls are given twisting drills in the warmup (jump fulls with correct twisting arms and on tubbl track front salto land jump full with twisting arms etc.) and by level 4 most kids have a front tuck half salto on the...
  15. pamred4

    Changes to the WAG program.

    It's a bit of a shocker. Just can't seem to flick my wrists fast enough :)
  16. pamred4

    WAG Interesting Read on Time of day and athlete performance

    Yes. Finally some evidence! I'm going to send this to my coach who has stated morning training from 6-8 weekdays. Wait till he hears about this :)
  17. pamred4

    How long did it take you to get used to your grips?

    It depends on lots of things eg. Lengths of bar rotations Level of the user Type of grips From personal knowledge my grips take about 2 weeks to 'wear in'
  18. pamred4

    WAG Rec program question

    In our rec program the children are tested twice a year (term 1 and term 3) and have to progress through 4 levels of Rec before going into team(ish) unless they are talent scouted by the head coach and put into squad. After testing the skills are put into a report card and sent home with the...
  19. pamred4

    Coaches Struggling with Backhandsprings

    We do a drill that has 30cm crash mat set longways and a squishy wedge may set so the small end is on the short end of the crashmat. A scatter mat is put in front of it (I think that's more for roundoff) The gymnast will run towards the mat and roundoff on the floor then jump back Onto the...
  20. pamred4

    WAG Holiday Practice Schedule

    My gym increases hours over the holidays. We have a small break from the 19th -27th and have New Year's Day off but we are training every day except Sunday from 8-12...