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    2017 Nationals

    I think they just don't care and they go with the best "deal" for them. There are quite a few athletes in California...didn't both our Olympians come from California? It would be best for the members if they spread it around fairly. But I guess USAG doesn't really care about the cost of all...
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    Proper Awards Attire

    Ugh. I would be bothered by that as well, especially at regionals. The Leotards half off is also my pet-peeve. It just looks so tacky. I think for big meets, the meet host or director should enforce a dress code. Warm up or leotard as long as everyone does the same. And if any of the ladies...
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    Nationals 2016 will be in RI

    Levels 8 to elite. No announcement on 5-7.
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    Nationals 2016 will be in RI

    Nationals for 2016 will be in Providence, RI, June 8-13, 2106. Gee, USA Gymnastics could you consider all of the athletes in the western half of the United States for a change??? It's not just the cost of travel, but the extra time it takes to travel to the east coast and the jet lag.
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    New here

    Welcome. T&T is really an awesome sport. Athletes who like height and lots of flips/twists will really get in to it. It is amazing to watch.
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    National's Regional All Stars

    Oh no. That was enjoyable seeing the smaller kids and the older athletes competing on a team. I really will miss that. Why are they taking so many things away?
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    Levels 5 through 7 Nationals

    USA Gymnastics has finally announced that nationals will be in Texas.
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    nationals for 2015

    Anyone know what's going on with Nationals for levels 5 to 7?
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    nationals for 2015

    USA Gymnastics is just forgetting that parents are the ones who fork over all the money to attend nationals...if they keep making decisions based on money and petty rules, the parents will decide to spend their money elsewhere. I know I would rather take the family to Hawaii next summer than go...
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    nationals for 2015

    Seriously? North Carolina? Weren't we just in that part of the country? I think it is only about 500 miles away from Louisville! Way to go USAG...Not! (no disrespect intended for the folks in NC...this just is a drag for those of us who live in other parts of the country.)
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    nationals for 2015

    If they would negotiate farther in advance, I am sure they would get a better deal. I've done event planning and when you give more notice, you get more options (because more properties are open) which makes for more competition and better pricing. It's a shame they drag it out so long. And I am...
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    How exactly does one qualify for the T&T nationals?

    You must achieve a qualifying score at your state or regional championship meet (scores are listed here: Petitions – Only athletes who were Level 10 or Elite last year and finished in the top three or in the top fifty percent...
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    Congrats to your sister. Our gym said no, we cant go to two different nationals. I heard the only have about half as many competing. I hope they switch it back the way it was.
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    2014 Elite Challenge

    That's the one with levels 5 thru 7 Nationals? I am frustrated too...not much time to plan trips, etc. C'mon USA Gymnastics, get off your duffs!
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    Parents Does USAG have an injury protocol?

    I believe that if the gym is a USAG member club, then they must have at least one coach who has a Safety Certificate and become a professional member through USAG, as well as the owner or director. Any coach who attends a USAG sanctioned meet must also have these. I think it is one of the very...
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    Getting impatient! Are they ever going to decided on where Nationals 2014 are going to be?

    June is not all that far away when you consider all the planning that need to go in to is USA Gymnastics EVER going to announce where level 5-7 Nationals will be held???? Anyone know anything?
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    Splitting Jr and Elite Nationals. Thoughts?

    I'm excited to go to KY...never been there but it looks beautiful. Having said that, I don't know anyone who likes this split. It is cost prohibitive for the gyms and teams. A lot of kids 5-7 go and really benefit, but the levels 8 and above have greater need. How will gyms and teams choose...
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    Getting impatient! Are they ever going to decided on where Nationals 2014 are going to be?

    Surely they must have booked a location by now? It's so frustrating for those parents needing to sign up for vacation time slots and/or those wanting to use their frequent flyer miles (those book up very fast). They are already selling tickets to P&G Championships in August, and yet we still...
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    Splitting Jr and Elite Nationals. Thoughts?

    I am not sure why they are doing this, but it really makes it hard. T&T allows athletes to compete different levels on events, so some athletes compete lvl 7 and 8...what are these families supposed to do? Go to both? Also teams need to budget and having to attend two nationals will make this...
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    Kalon Ludvigson injury

    I'm wondering if one of the admins could put the donation info on the main page or pages? Although Kalon competes T&T, he is much loved and respected throughout the entire gymnastics community. I can only imagine how much his medical bills will be as it is my understanding that this injury is...