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  1. Scotsgirl

    Adopting the new BG levels?

    Hi , Just jumping on , I havent been on this site for a couple of years so hope you are all well. I really like the idea of the new classic challenge cup but I do think there will be a few amendments made on the way as everyone gets used to this new route and what is working and what isn't. We...
  2. Scotsgirl

    Results Scottish

    Comp3In Individual Rankings: 1 58.102 - Phoebe Cameron (Hamilton) 2 56.818 - Casey Reid (Garioch) 3 55.818 - Isla Mcgregor (City of Glasgow) 4 54.117 - Emily Shearer (Largs) 5 53.752 - Ava Macfarlane (City of Glasgow) 6 49.919 - Abigail Cochrane (City of...
  3. Scotsgirl

    Grades 2017 results

    Does anyone know if compulsory 4 is the Saturday or the Sunday yet ?
  4. Scotsgirl

    Grades 2017 results

  5. Scotsgirl

    Grades 2017 results

    sorry didn't notice you had already put it up .
  6. Scotsgirl

    Grades 2017 results

    Scottish gymnastics have the compulsory 4 results up as my daughter was in this comp .
  7. Scotsgirl

    Parents New Social Group - Healthy Eating

    I would be interested , I cook for a nursery with 80 children daily and we are well known for my healthy menu :)
  8. Scotsgirl

    Parents 9 hours for training level 3??

    It may seem a lot to start with but she will soon adjust, I remember when dd hours creeped up I used to worry but she loves it plenty of sleep and food if shes happy thats the best and only sign you really need , good luck
  9. Scotsgirl

    Parents not watching meets

    Oh yes, am I the only one that mumbles F sake ? my husband was horrified :D , unacceptable I know :D
  10. Scotsgirl

    Parents not watching meets

    I have considered not watching as it makes me really uptight but I would always go and never let my dd know how I feel , floor , bars and vault are ok its the beam I can't watch it not just my dd but anyones haha . I am trying to stay calmer when watching beam and try to tell myself if dd can...
  11. Scotsgirl

    Parents Blisters- no grips allowed, what to do?

    Try Cross Fixe Hands , my dd thinks this is the best thing for rips and blisters you just rub it on , it comes like a stick and very easy to use .
  12. Scotsgirl

    Parents When are they supposed to sleep?

    This sounds like madness to me , my girl would never cope nor would we . Dd gets home at 830 and is in bed by 9.15 she is 8 and sleeps until 7.30 . Im sorry I really can't say anything positive as I really can't see a positive here . She must be exhausted , it must be so difficult going to...
  13. Scotsgirl

    Parents Leotard issues

    Ooft I would of made my voice heard , shouting at a parent in front of everyone says it all , this gym is obviously not run by professionals really you deserve the medal for staying calm must of taken a lot . My dd gym gets the girls to try the leos on before ordering them each is ordered to the...
  14. Scotsgirl

    Parents What would you do?

    Ice cream wins no doubt about it , she sounds like she has been a wee trooper training hard good on her , get her 2 :D
  15. Scotsgirl

    How to keep buns in place?

    Try amazon magic foam sponge clip hair , dd doesn't like the donut bun but this works great for her
  16. Scotsgirl

    Parents How many presses in a row?

    DD can do about 3 if she's lucky getting up is ok its coming back down and staying in straddle lever that gives her problems , they don't work on them constantly at gym so I think practice makes perfect with this , she can now do a pike to handstand hold I think as their core gets stronger some...
  17. Scotsgirl

    Parents Does your child have a 'fallback' sport?

    Does a stunt girl count ? dd 8 said she would love to be a stunt girl as she watched some woman on TV and it looked great fun :D , she has never spoken of another sport to be honest she does love the trampoline but I would rather she didn't go down that route to be honest .
  18. Scotsgirl

    Leotard selling group on Facebook

    Great idea :)
  19. Scotsgirl

    Parents She did it! Overcoming Fear

    Big well done to your dd :) she must be so proud of herself .