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  1. LizAceto

    Coaches Dance rotation for team gymnasts

    What kind of dance do you do with your team kids? Our pre-team through level 10 have a 30-minute dance rotation built into their schedule once per week. I normally do a ballet barre warm up with them then some stuff across the floor. I'm looking to change it up and seeing what other coaches do...
  2. LizAceto

    Help please! Level 3 floor routine

    The compulsory routines are very picky. The tumbling pass is a very small aspect of what they are judged on. They can lose a lot of points for not even having their full/straight split in their routine. The execution adds up really fast. She could have also lost points for unfinished skills...
  3. LizAceto

    Grip shelving/storage ideas

    I like this! You can even put their names on it then, too
  4. LizAceto

    Grip shelving/storage ideas

    Pinterest-y as in creative. We have cube shelves for them but their grip bags always end up everywhere
  5. LizAceto

    Grip shelving/storage ideas

    Does anyone have any creative/Pinterest-y ideas for grip storage in the gym?
  6. LizAceto

    OT Custom Leotard site recommendations

    Can anyone recommend any affordable sites to design team tanks? Around the $30-$40 range preferably.
  7. LizAceto


    Hi all, My name is Liz. I've been coaching for about 10 years. I've sent most of my coaching career with region 5 in Chicago and for the past couple years I've been in Pennsylvania with region 7. I'm the dance head at my gym, assistant coach levels 3-8, xcel, and I'm the T&T head coach. I also...
  8. LizAceto

    Summer Camp Coaching

    I run the gymnastics gym at Camp Lohikan in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) and I'm looking to have some great coaches that would want a summer coaching job! I run the gym aligned with the USA Gymnastics, SafeSport and Saftey and Risk Management handbooks. We get all levels of gymnasts, male and...
  9. LizAceto

    Favorite protein bars and drinks?

    I love the lemon Luna bars! As far as protein goes I'm a big Shakeology advocate (: