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  1. teksquad

    Any preschool coaches here?

    Hi Everyone. Anyone else teaching gymnastics to preschoolers? There is a lot we can share and talk about...would there be enough of us to start a forum, or at least a thread for things like circuit/station ideas, breaking down basic skills for physical development, class management, etc?
  2. teksquad

    Parents ideas to celebrate a gymnastics career at retirement

    Hi Everyone, My daughter just recently retired from her childhood/teen-long gymnastics career. Have any of you helped your gymnast plan either public or private events to help her mark and celebrate this part of her/his life? Even if you haven't crossed this bridge yet, I'd live to hear ideas...
  3. teksquad

    WAG Grips buckle vs Velcro

    My daughter prefers the double buckle, because they stay put, and there isn't constant readjusting, and wearing out velcro.
  4. teksquad

    Parents patellar stabilization brace?

    Thanks, andarc for the feedback! I really like the gel u-shape pad design from the video. It looks like a nice, lightweight brace. (thinking hot summertime temps in the gym) Gla to hear that your daughter gets good support from this design. Had she also dislocated her kneecap in her injury...
  5. teksquad

    Parents patellar stabilization brace?

    Thank you, andarc! Do you mean similar to the web brace that buttercup talked about, or one of the braces I mentioned in my original post?
  6. teksquad

    Parents patellar stabilization brace?

    Thank you, buttercup! I just saw a photo this week of Maggie Nichols wearing this brace, too! I appreciate his and your feedback, and really consider this one. Thanks so much for the link, too!
  7. teksquad

    Parents patellar stabilization brace?

    Hi Everyone. My daughter recently dislocated her kneecap, and it is being treated without surgery. Her orthopedic doctor wants her to wear a patellar stabilization brace for the first 3 months of resuming doing gymnastics skills. He recommended a Palumbo brace. (...
  8. teksquad

    WAG transitioning to giants from the strap bar to the "real" UB for older, taller gymnasts

    Hi All, My daughter is a gymnast that has been working the strap bar with gloves for quite a long time, working her form and technique. She is an older gymnast with a mature body. At some point, the decision will be made to try giants on the regular bar set. Have you seen how this has been...
  9. teksquad

    WAG What else does your gymmie do at home?

    My 15 y/o L6 daughter acts in a drama group, crafts, and plays her guitar. (-: Its nice to see that our kiddos can have some downtime to do other things that they enjoy!
  10. teksquad

    WAG Is she out for the season?

    My daughter was " out " for 4 months with a dislocated elbow, and competed a month after she was allowed to resume full training. (she came to practice and conditioned, did what she could without putting weight through her arm, and faithfully did her rehab program in the meantime) She was out...
  11. teksquad

    WAG Training times and break times - a survey

    1. Training is Mon to Fri from 5:30-8:30. 2. Break is 10 minutes long. 3. Break is at about 7pm 4. No official access to microwave, no kettle, or freezer 5. No fridge 6.Goal s to have a healthy snack, and coach prefers water to be the liquid of choice. About half of them bring a snack, and...
  12. teksquad

    WAG Any point in going on??

    I think this is a great, healthy perspective, at any point along the gymnastics journey. (-:
  13. teksquad

    WAG Any point in going on??

    I think I have read that you can do any level in club gymnastics. Could that be right?
  14. teksquad

    WAG Seeking Advice - How to approach fears as the result of injury?

    Sounds like great recovery to me! Hope the x-ray gives her full clearance today!
  15. teksquad

    WAG Is this true??

    We don't have a swimming rule at our gym, and a few gymnasts do swim the night before a meet, and do fine the next day. I think it depends on the individual. If a kid is a skilled swimmer, it is not likely that swimming will affect him or her. If swimming is difficult, or if the person...
  16. teksquad

    WAG hydration (water vs. sport drinks, juice, etc.)

    We did a sugar visual recently, too! At a friend's house, we checked the back of a 16-oz soda can (I think it was Sprite) and saw that it contained 38 grams of sugar. My friend got out her kitchen scale and her container of sugar, and measured out that amount onto a paper plate. It was...
  17. teksquad

    WAG Editing floor music

    I also use Audacity, but on a PC. You can cut out that section, and also slow down/speed up the track just a bit, to make it exactly as long as you want it.
  18. teksquad

    WAG hydration (water vs. sport drinks, juice, etc.)

    Sports drinks have a ton of sugar in them- almost as much as soda, and some have just as much sugar as the same volume of soda. Sugar ultimately causes inflammation in the body,(don't need any extra inflammation!) so it's just water for us. Daughter drinks coconut water at practice in the...
  19. teksquad

    Perhaps to get an idea of what injuries are common, and if there are safety issues that need to be addressed, if certain patterns form.
  20. teksquad

    WAG Am I wrong to do this?

    Based on how the class is described, I too think the bottom line is that it isn't safe to continue. The tennis program sounds like the best bet, especially because there is attentive coaching. Can she compete in tennis with the program she is in?