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    Coaches Back Gainer

    Has anyone got any good drills for teaching the back gainer on floor?
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    Coaches Inflatable Foam Pits

    Thanks for that. Very helpful.
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    Coaches Inflatable Foam Pits

    Hoping someone out there can give me some advice. Our gym is not in a position to build an in ground pit so I have been looking at alternative solutions. Does anyone know anything about inflatable foam pits? Their pro's and con's. Or maybe air pillows? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Coaches Preschool Gymnastics ideas

    Looking for some new games and ideas for my preschool 3-5 year olds. New games especially. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Also does anyone have some good websites for this age group?
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    Parents You know your child's a gymnast when...

    When she can beat all the boys in a chin up contest at school.
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    Coaches Recreational Teenage Boys Group

    Hi I'm looking for ideas for a group of teenage recreational boys school group that I am coaching at the moment. They are all from the special education department and have a variety of issues from behavioural to learning. There is also a large range in ability with one being able to do a...
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Thank you everyone. Might use split leap switch leap and keep working on a tour jete with half turn
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Thanks. The words cross and side was the part that was confusing.
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Can anyone help me with the level 6 passage of dance requirement. I need clarification (and maybe some examples) of what leaps or hops would meet the term 180 cross / side split or straddle. We are going to use a switch leap for one of the leaps but are looking for a good option for the second...
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    WAG Shorts at meets

    I actually like the look of Leo's with shorts as well rather than just a leotard. The girls also seem to feel more comfortable with shorts on, especially as they get older. I'd be all for a change to competing with shorts on.
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    WAG Im shy

    Try to talk to your coach as well. It really helps to know if you understand what they are trying to teach you. They would probably also be more than happy to try and help you build some friendships with the other girls.
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Bars is our biggest problem at the moment.
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Thank you @_coachbrooke_. I think I will consider doing the same thing for this particular group. I think they are old enough to make the decision if I make sure I explain all the consequences of their decision. If I keep them back for a third year I think it might be quite disheartening and...
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    Changes to the WAG program.

    Any advice out there from coaches for what to do with my State Stream girls? We are a small regional club with low resources - equipment, coaches etc. and due to the distance to competitions and the low training hours our girls have in the past competed State Stream. With State Stream gone...
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    Coaches Twisting Again

    Thank you everyone. Replies have helped heaps.
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    Coaches Twisting Again

    I'm blond and female and that's my excuse for being no good with my left and my right (and twisting). ☺️ The link shows one of my gymnasts. She is just starting to twist. So in this video she twists to the right? Yes? She shortens her left side and pulls her left arm across her body. Should her...
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    Coaches Twisting Again

    I know there is a lot out there on twisting but I can't find the answer to my specific question (or maybe I did but couldn't see it for all the other information out there). I'm in the process of researching twisting to better understand the process. My understanding is that whether forwards...