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    Coaches Rec Instructor Needed Now!

    JOB OPENING: Looking for Rec Gymnastics Instructor. From handstands and cartwheels to back handsprings, front support to front hip circle. Hours: 25-30+ hours per week Pay rate: $13-16 / hr Location: Central Illinois along Rt 80 Rural community approx 80 miles from Chicago...
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    Managing the Membership of Sports Organization: The Legalities of Banning a Member

    So if there is such a thing as an innocent man, they're screwed?
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    Coaches Shoot Thru Help!

    How are you spotting this skill? I like to put one hand on their upper arm/shoulder to keep that over the bar, then I use the other hand to lift the back leg of the shoot through up (not back, and they must keep this leg straight or it won't work) as they press down on the bar and lift their...
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    Managing the Membership of Sports Organization: The Legalities of Banning a Member

    Are there any cases of a coach being wrongfully accused and their suspension lifted by USAG? i.e. the accused went to court, it was deemed that the child/parent was blatently lying, the accused was found clearly not guilty, and thus USAG lifted their suspension and they can continue coaching?
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    Coaches Closed my gym, now what?

    I have a job opening in Illinois. I also have a house available to rent if a person needs to relocate. I had a coach quit 2 weeks ago, if anyone knows of someone looking for a job, please have them contact me at [email protected]
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    Fixing mats

    I've recently tried swimming pool patch kits. I have them on our inflatable slide, vinyl mats, and even the mesh sides of mats. They seem to be working so far.
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    how do you keep your gym cool in the summer?

    We schedule practices for early in the morning, so we can get out before it gets too hot.
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    Coaches Too much fun?

    Our gym has been open for four years. We have finally built our team program up & are seeing our first homegrown team members this past year. We just lost 3 L4 girls to the "gym down the street" (about 40+ miles away since we are in the boondocks). Two of these girls just won 1st and 2nd...
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    Coaches Salary Advice? What's the coach worth?

    This gym has approximately 250 students including about 20 team members (USAG and Rec combined). Coach has approximately 10 years coaching experience (also a former competitive gymnast). Responsibilities include: Competitive team coach for L4-8. Recreational team coach for L4 and "optionals"...
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    Beam Warm Up

    Needle scale: Step on R foot; lever kicking L foot backward and upward; arrive with hands on beam (cross handstand style) and L leg completely vertical; R foot stays on beam. Basically looks like a split with hands on beam, one foot on beam and one foot in air.
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    Hiring question: Imagine my surprise! What 2 do?

    A few years ago I opened my own gym. The gym that I previously coached for went through a rough time. The owner was trying to rebuild the team (the previous coaches left and opened their own gym about 40 miles away), (s)he had taken on cheerleading at the local high school, and had opened...
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    Dive Roll in Level 5 Routine

    A few drills: If it is a small child, you can just pick them up and show them the position you want their body in as they are doing the dive roll. I've also had them run and punch and land in my arms (repositioning them into a correct dive roll position). We've used springboards to 8" mats...
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    Gymnastics Club Name??

    When thinking about gym names I was advised to steer clear of putting your name in the title. Remember, one day you want to retire from the business and will probably want to sell it. Having your name in the title makes it more difficult for the gym to live on once you've moved on. I too used...
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    Resources for Training New Coaches

    I just got back from National Congress and Patti Komara has some new material out. She has been a leader in the preschool and recreational gymnastics industry for years. If you are not familiar with her training materials I would check her out at (I think). I...
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    Jump to high bar mental block

    True, there is no requirement in USAG for uneven bar settings. For my team, I try to keep settings to 2 (1 for short girls and 1 for taller girls). I did have a gymnast come to me that was afraid of jumping to high bar. For her, we moved the bars in so that she could touch them with feet...
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    Coaches Where do you find coaches?

    If the coach want to be full time and is willing to work rec classes too... Summer hours can be 30-40+ hours per week School yr hours currently would be 30+ hours per week (if they could grow some additional daytime classes such as preschool and homeschool, they could have more hours. Currently...
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    What do you do?

    A parent came to me and told me that she wanted a different coaching style for her compulsory gymnast. I understood, gave the child a hug, and told her to work hard at her new gym. The parent also wanted to leave her rec gymnast at our gym. Struck me as a little odd, but not wanted to say...
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    Coaches Where do you find coaches?

    I'm in Ottawa, Illinois - right on rt 80. Rt 71, rt 23, rt 6 all run through our town. It's very easy to get to. Right now, not counting my preschool program, I have 1 full time adult rec coach and several high school students who are great (awesome personalities!); parents love them too...
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    Coaches Where do you find coaches?

    I am a relatively new gym about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois, that's growing rapidly. We are gaining about 100-150 student per year. Right now, I coach the team (currently levels 4-6) on my own and have a few rec coaches. Can anyone tell me... where do you find experienced coaches...
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    Fun Workouts

    One day when my compulsory girls were bored, I made up a game I called "Preschool - Elite". I asked them to do a skill from their routines as a preschooler would do it. After we all laughed at each other, I then asked them to do the skill as an Elite gymnast would do it. You wouldn't believe...