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  1. Alyssa983

    Free Poems Just for You :)

    Hi! Could I have one about... staying focused to get a skill, and moving up levels. Like never giving up, how hard it is but how rewarding, ect. Thanks!!!! :)
  2. Alyssa983

    Let's create a gymnastics story...

    When she finally got to him through all the fans wanting her autograph and congratulating her, Jake finally said, "...
  3. Alyssa983

    Back Hip Circle?

    I had my back hip circle and did it like, 2 times. Now, I still can't do it and really need help with it. What's something that could help me with doing them. I am very close and don't know what I am doing wrong. Anything helps! Thanks!
  4. Alyssa983

    Who has matching training leos?

    At my gym, the team girls go to a meet out of state, and they get a free leo from the meet. On certain days the team plans to wear the leo, but they are not forced to.
  5. Alyssa983

    Gymnastics New Years Resolution?

    Do you have a gymnastics new years resolution? Mine is to get better on bars. I don't know why but whenever I am on them, my wrists start to hurt, and that distracts me from whatever skill I am working on. Oh, and I am breaking in my grips too, so that doesn't help.
  6. Alyssa983

    Looking for a video of a front sault dismount from beam

    I know thats what I thought when I first saw it! I don't think it is the safest thing to do it without a coach or being able to do it in the gym. At least she has a mat to land on.
  7. Alyssa983

    OT What do you think?????

    I was bored, so I made this: What do you think????????
  8. Alyssa983

    What level does your gym/kids gym start to compete?

    Is it wierd for my gym to compete at level 5? I am a level 3, almost a level 4, and I want to compete as soon as I can. What level does your gym start competing? What is the average level for someone to start competing? Thanks!:)
  9. Alyssa983

    Backwards block

    well for a start, the kickover took me a while to get, maybe you should try doing it on some mats or something. Just to get your confidence to kickover. I started it by doing it on my bed, then on a stool, then on a bin, then on the floor. Don't worry, I have a mat that I did it onto. Just try...
  10. Alyssa983

    Falling Asleep in Splits

    Yesterday I was practicing my middle split, and I had a pillow under my leg, so I could ease into it a little bit more. I was reading and I had my body pillow under me and I started to get tired, and I fell asleep! I was only asleep for like 10 minutes but then I lost my page in my book. :( I am...
  11. Alyssa983

    Looking for a video of a front sault dismount from beam

    YouTube - Front tuck on beam This is somebody working to get their front tuck off the beam. If you want to show how much you have to work to get it. Both this link and the one gymnastjess put are great.
  12. Alyssa983

    What level am I?

    I knew I could do a front tuck on tramp at open gym, before I even started gymnastics, and at the end of practice we had free time, so I wanted to work on the bhs, but this 7 yo wanted to work on fhs, so I let her and my coach told me to do whatever I wanted, so I just worked on the front tucks...
  13. Alyssa983

    Older starting.

    Never! I started a year ago, and I was old for starting because there were like 7 year olds in my class, but now I'm a level 3! If you don't mind having a class with younger kids, I think you could be competitive. Let's get real, you probably aren't going to the Olympics, but how many people...
  14. Alyssa983

    What level am I?

    the smiley was acting wierd, so I had to redo the : to a - for bars
  15. Alyssa983

    What level am I?

    What USAG level am I?? Floor: Handstand, Handstand forward roll, front limber (sort of) back extension roll, back bend kickover, back walkover, Beam: Handstand w/ spot, cartwheel(low beam), pivot turns, walking, straight, tuck, pike, and split jumps, Bars- pullover, bhc, glide swings, mill...
  16. Alyssa983

    How to help/support my gym friend?

    I just want to make sure she is happy, like I said she is like a sister to me. I guess I will just have to reassure her of her abilities. I didn't know much about what was happening so, I will just have to support her how I feel like I should.
  17. Alyssa983

    How to help/support my gym friend?

    My friend and neighbor who is 12yo, has very troublesome ankles. She is a level 5 when I am a level 3 and I really look up to her. We are such good friends, like sisters. A few weeks ago she went to the doctor to have them see what was wrong with her ankles. They think she has an extra bone in...
  18. Alyssa983

    do trampolines help gymnastics

    I convinced my grandma and grandpa to get me and my cousin a trampoline, and the only reason my mom and dad won't let me get one in our yard is because of insurance policies. The trampoline has helped me get better at skills I already do at gymnastics. I would tell your parents that you won't do...
  19. Alyssa983

    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    My friend Alex (again) asked why I put flour on my hands. And I was like do you mean chalk? And she kept insisting that it was flour! It was really funny
  20. Alyssa983

    "Weird" Gymnast Habits

    Crack I guess this isn't only a gymnastics thing but if I am nervous, I crack my fingers, my toes, wrists, and ankles. The nervous thing started after I started gymnastics, but that was when my friend showed me an easier way to do it! :P