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    WAG A must watch!

    Oops sorry!
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    WAG A must watch!

    This video was so beautifully done and captures the emotions of this sport so well. Brought me to tears! Everyone should watch
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    MAG Strong coach relationship

    Maybe the regular coach could have a little talk with your son about it being important to work just as hard for the new coach. We have done this with certain kids when we get new staff and the kids are not warming up to them as much or when kids move up levels and get a new coach. Usually once...
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    WAG SI joint pain/ Belt recommendations

    Yikes, I can't imagine pregnancy and this! @Iwannabemargo Ive been doing the old exercises from PT but no insurance right now to go back at the moment. Was thinking the belt might be even a little extra relief. Do you know the brand you used?
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    WAG SI joint pain/ Belt recommendations

    I'm not looking for medical advise as Ive already been to the proper doctors and undergone various tests and went through PT for my sacroiliac joint. During PT, they had mentioned an SI belt that I might consider. At the time, I was feeling better so did not pursue this, but recently the pain is...
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    Coaches Rec vs Team pricing. owners/coaches please respond

    $20 rec 9hrs week team $7.25 hr 12 hrs week team $6.50 hr
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    OT Yet Another Storm...

    Sates are on for us!
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    Parents Xcel vs JO

    Gymgal- check out the link jbs posted on the first page. Maybe your state is one of the exceptions, but most use it as described. "Whose it for... Those limited by time or financial commitment" "Benefits..A way to promote athlete longevity through less training hours"
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    WAG What numbers specify gym size

    This is all very interesting. Stargazer, I'd be interested to hear how your gym handles 3000 students! How big is the space, number of equipment, coaches, scheduling etc. We often get overwhelmed with what I would consider our medium sized gym, about 850 students (about 175 preschoolers, 550...
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    WAG Extreme training practices?

    sorry you feel offended by the suggestions to take things on the Internet with a grain of salt. It is a good point though. Your first post feels very different from your last. I'm not saying you exagerated. I do think you originally posted as you interpreted the situation and there is nothing...
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    Parents healthy savoury snack ideas

    Lettuce wraps with grilled chicken are one of my favorites. carrots or bell pepper strips with dip, celery with peanut butter or other spread like almond or hazelnut. Hard boiled eggs are easy to store in the fridge. Hummus
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    Parents disaster at both privates

    = Money Maker
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    Parents losing out on meet fees

    If we have not sent the check to the host meet then you can get it back (it stays on your gyms account but gets put towards tuition or something else). If we have already sent the entrance fee in, than we do not refund.
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    WAG Baby in the gym?

    I think in some situations it can be done. Our HC had her baby in the gym for awhile after he was born. She worked out a deal with a couple different moms who usually stayed to watch practices. They had trouble with all the costs of gymnastics so they basically babysat in exchange for coaches...
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    Parents Advise from those who have BTDT....mid-year level change.....

    Next year routines/ levels are changing anyway, so that is another factor to consider.
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    Parents Ugh, bratty little child..

    I think everyone has a right to an opinion (as long as stated respectfully). IMHO, I would be careful with using the word rotten to describe a FOUR year old child. From a coaches perspective, If a parent approached me with safety concerns as some of you posted about, this would absolutely be...
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    WAG It happened again......ideas?

    Definitely a good idea to see the doctor and push for answers. Many things often have common symptoms, so it could be a multiple of things, but only a doctor will be able to narrow down. How old is your daughter though? I would get these same symptoms once a month after puberty. It would be...
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    Coaches Resilite Gift Program

    We use it and customers have been very happy. As others have said, mostly rec parents and level 3/4 parents will buy the stuff up. They like it because the shipping is free (gets sent to the gym). We like it because they give a gym a credit for each thing sold, so we are able to get a few new...
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    Coaches What makes a good program director?

    I'm not sure if we are the norm or not, but we have several directors.. Team director, rec director, preschool director. None of which is the owner. Our team director is responsible for sitting down with the rec director to make lesson plans. They show up for most if not all fundraising and...
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    WAG Ballet class?

    I'm a huge advocate for a supplemental ballet class!