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    Parents Juju's State Meet Video

    I was on hiatus when you posted the first time re her acheivement, so this will be the first time I get to give my congratulations. That is so wonderful, what an accomplishment!!!
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    Parents Feeling overwhelmed right now, advice?

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in, say, six months or so, but I'm just going to jump back in with both feet, because I need some advice from you mommies (and dads!). (This first paragraph is from a re-intro post I just posted): M started gym last fall in the 4yo preschool class, moved up to the...
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    I may have done this before...

    ...but here I am again! I joined this group last fall, but haven't posted in, probably, six months, so I will do a little re-intro. I have two girls, M just turned 5 in Jan and A will be 2 in a few weeks. M started gym last fall in the 4yo preschool class, moved up to the 5 yo class a few weeks...
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    How do you treat a child gymnast?

    I replied on the video comments post but then thought perhaps more people would be reading this one. I had seen this one before. There are many sad ones concerning Chinese gymnastics training on youtube. Make you wonder how in the world those little girls can look so full of joy during...
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    Hwang Bo Sil

    Whatever happened to her?? I was trying to find out after I saw a youtube video of her slamming onto her head trying to complete a Thomas in 1989, and all I have found is that she was in the '92 Olympics... When was the Thomas banned anyway? I thought it would have been banned before '89 after...
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    Parents In house competition

    She is looking good! Bet you guys will have an awesome meet season!
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    Level 3 Vault

    Something I have seen on youtube is the vault that is a handstand where they flop over flat on their back... I thought I had seen that one described as a level three vault... what is it??
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    What is your favirote pump-up songs?

    Oh yeah I always loved "Eye of the Tiger." "Beautiful Day" by U2 is a great one, too.
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    3 up 3 count

    :p Your name really suits you!:D I don't disagree with Nastia and Shawn being in every rotation, I just would like to have seen at least the four of them on all four events... OT... My dh kept saying that poor Nastia likely was called some horrible things in school...
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    Romanians have lied about ages in the past

    I agree that a rule is a rule is a rule. Our gymnasts follow the age restrictions and I think they would have a right to be upset if someone else isn't following the rules.
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    3 up 3 count

    I agree that I think it promotes a specialist mentality. Also during this Olympics everything seemed to revolve around (to me at least) Shawn and Nastia, Nastia and Shawn... Where was the rest of the team???
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    OK...I have good news and bad news...

    Congratulations to your DD!!!
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    Parents Switching back

    OOooohhh...:eek: Now ours doesn't sound so bad...
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    Parents Switching back

    That is so wonderful! Congratulations to Abby!!:proposetoast: And thank heaven for family plans!! Of course we just had our second class but from what I can tell, our gym's family plan is $8.00 off per month for each additional sibling!!!:(
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    Parents Switching back

    Hey, I had a roommate in college who would go donate plasma when she was running low on cash...
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    Parents Help for her hands!!!

    I was going to mention something like what greyhoundrescue said, except for instead of using vaseline or udder balm I was going to say to use a hospital grade lanolin such as Lansinoh. I haven't used it for this particular situation, but I substitute it for anything I would use vaseline on...
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    Parents Switching back

    That's about all I can say as well, but I can't wait to "hear" how it goes tomorrow! Best of luck!!!
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    Parents Guess who just....

    Waving to her fans! How cute is that!?!?!:D And a son in soccer??? Wow, you are one busy mommy! I sure pray that you get great Mother's Days (rather every day). Are there any other children?
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    Flexibility issues...

    Thanks for all if the replies so far. They have really been helpful. We haven't done any kind of stretches for the past 2 days. She has practiced some handstands (which are getting better and better), and I am still catching her doing headstands on the chair - which I forbade her to do. I'm glad...