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    Twisting Progressions are simple. 1) First Get tight layout with good height. If you think that your layout is good for twisting, 2) Do a Layout & land then do a hop half turn. If you are good with it. Then, 3) Do the layout & before land do the half twist. Keep in mind that, you need to...
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    The floor music reccomendation thread

    you can try youtube with "free gymnastics floor music" via search! you can google to find free music like,
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    check this site!

    Welcome to my site!
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    check this site!

    Hi friends! I found a site maintain gymnastics video collection. Gymnastics Coaching Drills & Tips - One Place for Free Gymnastics Coaching Videos
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    How to build a simple twist belt?

    hmm! First thing is I am not in USA! 2ND THING IS THIS IS FOR MY PERSONAL PRACTICE! I have manually build a Flipping Wings copy & works fine! But it's only for layouts & tucks! It can not use for twistings! That is why I am going to try twist belt! becoz I have no money for commercial twist...
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    How to build a simple twist belt?

    Hello, Now someone will ask why do not buy twisting belt? Answer is simple I can not afford it! Can any one tell me how to build a Twisting belt? I know here there are no builders but a lot of you must using it! So you can tell me that how it formed! I have seen only a SIDE ANGLE photo about...
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    Coaches Need Back Twisting 1/1 Drills, Please

    Hi, I've got a gymnast who do the half twist backwards & still he can not do the full twist! Turning speed is bit slow! Please someone suggest me some working drills for him! And please explain the spotting also! We don't have tumble track or tramp! Thanks & Nice Day!:)