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    MAG Practice game time

    Well, did she say yes? I think that's awesome.
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    Parents How to get in at WOGA

    Tons of great gyms. If you are really stuck on WOGA there is also one in Frisco. If I were you I'd try out for all the teams mentioned above and then some more. Unfortunately, if these teams don't think your dd would improve the team, they won't make a spot. These teams have girls coming for...
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    WAG Ankle weights

    I am very curious what is your thought process when it comes to Jump varieties vs. plyometric exercises. Seems like plyometrics would be one to avoid. Thanks.
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    MAG Camera for recording meets

    Thanks for the reply, Art. I did end up going with the 70-200mm 2.8. F/2.8. I went with the Sigma lens because I was able to get the lens with the stabilizer for the price of the Canon lens without the stabilizer. I am hoping the stabilizer will keep me from needing a monopod. I think I'll try...
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    WAG Can't spot landing help needed

    OK, I spent the last hour trying to post a .mov. Couldn't figure it out. My DD didn't seem totally convinced, but I told her she needed to listen to you. So when you tell them to blink, should they be spotting the floor?
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    WAG Can't spot landing help needed

    DD is having trouble spotting the floor on doubles on the floor and bar dismounts. She doesn't feel that she has trouble with twisting. She can't honestly say if she was ever good at it, but it is just more pronounced with doubles. For example, everyone says her form looks great but her...
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    WAG Ivy League Schools- gymnastics teams

    So, if they want the gymnast but the parent isn't willing to pay $65k / year versus going to a non-ivy school, would they offer substantial academic scholarships if qualified?
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    MAG Camera for recording meets

    I went to two camera shops last week and was told by both to go with a DSLR body and buy a 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom lens. No, it is not inexpensive. I'm also curious if this is the way I have to go. I don't know anything about cameras and was hoping for a $400 camcorder, but I was told that...
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    OT Any metalheads out there?

    Don't know what "progressive" metal would mean today. In high school, I always thought Tawny Kitaen in the Whitesnake video was mighty progressive.
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    WAG Nutritional Plan for High-Level Gymnastics

    yes, you should be making sure you are getting enough protein. My Fitness Pal is a great idea. Also keep a diary that you can compare to My Fitness Pal that records how you felt each day and how you performed. Hopefully you can make connections between your diet and your performance. I think...
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    WAG Church & Gymnastics

    Living in a big city we have been able to change the church we used for ccd based on the time it was offered. Luckily, we finally landed on one that has kept it on Sundays for a few years.
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    Parents Parent Observation Policies

    I show up about 4x / year and sit upstairs, far away, and behind glass. Invariably DD will be giving a wave within minutes. She says she feels my presence and it's "unagi."
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    WAG Random Aches and Pains

    The aches and pains never go away, but the complaining does. Someday you'll start worrying about what she is not complaining about.
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    Parents New Question

    If they compete TAAF, I doubt they compete USAG.
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    WAG Is this fair...or even really happening?

    No apology needed. I just felt I needed to counter the sandbagging talk. So like you asked for, just offering my perspective.
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    WAG Is this fair...or even really happening?

    Is it physically possible that everyone knows a team in the region, across town, or at the "power gym" that sandbags, yet no one is at one of these gyms and has said "Yes, our team sandbags and I hate it." I'm quite certain we are one of those gyms that win often and get whispered about. Well...
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    Parents At a loss (mental block follow-up)

    Anyone besides me waiting for IWANNACOACH to weigh in on this one?
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    WAG Modified school hours for gym Sounds like you are talking about the one I had started.