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    What are you scariest falls ???

    I had a really bad fall.. i was on the floor doing my routine and it all was going really well and i went to do a front sommersault, over rotated and went sliding across the floor on my face. I had carpet burn on my face for about a week and it really hurt!! Also, when i was doing acrobatic...
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    OT Flu

    they closed a school here in britain near london because of it... if they hear someones ill they think its swine flu... kinda weird :P
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    OT Gymnastics Math! (fun)

    haha wow thats well good!!
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    Anyone do acro?

    does anyone else here do acro? because i do. if anyone does what level / grade are you on? :):):)
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    Straddle lever press to handstand

    by straddle lever i mean sitting in straddle on the floor and lifting up your body with your arms, so your legs are resting on your elbows and your bottom and legs are off the floor. you probably call it something different. thanks KAquinlan :)
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    Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

    I like black, gold and like a silvery white. My gym clubs colours are navy blue, turquoise and silver. they used to be red white and navy blue, but too many people had them colours.
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    Straddle lever press to handstand

    Im having trouble with my straddle lever press to handstand. Does anyone have any excersises i could do to get this move? Thankss Beckyy x :):)
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    Help.. !

    I need a straddle lever press to handstand. Im nearly there. Does anyone have any exercises that i could do so i can get this move? Thanks, Becky x :):)