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  1. K

    Parents Gymnastics Camp

    Here is an extremely old link to my response to someone a long time ago asking about WOGA camp. My dd is still going there in the summer--it'll be her 6th year or so. I don't have any new comments to add though I will say...
  2. K

    Nica hilts?

    Her last name is Hults, not Hilts.
  3. K

    Parents So done! It happened again. I definitely think she is not cut out to be a gymnast..

    Hope she heals quickly!!! So sorry this happened but glad it wasn't too serious.
  4. K

    Parents Ethics and Switching Gyms

    I agree completely! Our city's population and metro area is about a million. We have about 5-6 gyms with competitive teams here. Coaches have moved around and gymnasts have moved around. At least as far as our gym has been concerned, things have been cordial. My gymmie has greeted former...
  5. K

    Parents Not Gymnastics #1 Gym Sister

    That was sweet. Thanks for sharing. Your family is beautiful!
  6. K

    Parents Ethics and Switching Gyms

    I have been thinking of this a lot recently because of the mass exodus and drama at our gym in the last few weeks. I honestly do not know what the "right" answer is. I too can see both sides. One of the girls who was involved in the exodus at our gym left suddenly. The compulsory season...
  7. K

    Parents New insight and yes I'm a coward

    I agree with many of the other posts. This woman has many deep seeded issues that nothing you say would make a difference. She really needs serious counseling but she probably won't get it. Many times in these situations, the same thing will happen time and time again (because we can't...
  8. K

    Parents Surviving a mass exodus

    We're where we need to be. This is the best gym for us. It's just hard to deal with all these people leaving and them leaving in this terrible way. The parting was not amicable and there were hurt feelings. And none of these girls even said goodbye. They tried out at the other gym secretly...
  9. K

    Parents Soliciting Advice from BTDT team moms - The gym drama/politics has begun.

    This is a tough thing to work out. One thing I would suggest: think about what you and your gymmie would like to get out of gymnastics. There are gyms (and parents) that want the medals and will do a lot to get that. There are gyms that are more relaxed but don't win much. And there are...
  10. K

    Parents Surviving a mass exodus

    Hi all, I'm new here so I will give a short intro. I'm mom to N. who is L8 and T. who is L4. We also have 2 other children not in competitive gymnastics. We've been at our current gym for the last 5 years. I would definitely describe our gym as "developing". There are 4-5 other gyms in...
  11. K

    Parents Meet Report L8 and video

    She's adorable! My gymnast is also a 1st year level 8 and I was surprised to see so many doing the level again. Though it makes sense because the jump from 8 to 9 is huge and many need that extra time to get ready for 9. Anyway, WTG, Em.
  12. K

    Parents Kinda roll call

    USAG for both, L8 (age 11) currently in season and one training L4 to compete this fall (age 7). One with cerebral palsy doing rec gym at Little Gym (age 10). :) One 5 y/o boy who runs around the gym but otherwise has no interest. :cool:
  13. K

    Parents WOGA Camp

    Hey there, The camp has changed quite a bit over the years. The first year we went, there were mostly TX girls and in mostly compulsory levels. The second year we saw a few more optionals girls and more girls from out of TX. This last year, there were a lot more optionals girls (though the...
  14. K

    Parents WOGA Camp

    Hello, I am new here, and we are in TX but I thought I might be able to help you with your question. My oldest dd L8 will be going to WOGA competitive camp for the 4th year in a row. She has enjoyed it every year and it has become a tradition. My 3rd dd, L4 is thrilled to be eligible to go...
  15. K

    WOGA Summer Camp?

    Are you referring to the competitive gymnasts' camp that they hold only for one week every summer (July 11-15 this year)? My daughter has been every year for the past 3 years and is planning on going again this year. She has enjoyed it every year (obviously--she keeps wanting to go back)...
  16. K

    Competing on a NCAA team without scholarship?

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I am actually hoping and pushing my daughter towards getting an academic scholarship but she did express wanting to do gym in college if she was good enough. So I wondered if you could make it on a team without getting recruited or being offered a...
  17. K

    Competing on a NCAA team without scholarship?

    Does anyone do this? Or are all the gymasts on NCAA teams recruited and offered scholarships? Do they have "try outs" or "walk-ons" and how do you find out about those? How often does a college take a "walk-on" on their team? Just wondering how this all works since I am totally ignorant. :o
  18. K

    WAG VISA Championships Women's Day 2

    You had to go to the Fanfest on Saturday in the afternoon, between the Jrs. competition and the Srs. competition to get good autographs. We got almost all of the men's team (Sascha left early before we got up in line). Alicia and Jordyn Wieber were also there at the table signing and we got...
  19. K

    Stupid question but...

    Okay, the 2009 Worlds are in London, but there's no Worlds for 2008? Are there no Worlds during an Olympic year?
  20. K

    Stupid question but...

    is this it for the year? Is there a world's championships? I'm not seeing anything about it. I thought it was supposed to be in London?