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    WAG Winter Cup/Nastia Liukin Cup

    I found the senior competition very disappointing. For those of us that have been fans for a long time this competition reminded me of what the junior competition used to look like, where the athletes can do the skills but not very well. 122 routines and not one score of 14.00.
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    NCAA NCAA choreography

    should there be a different standard for elite choreography versus NCAA?
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    NCAA NCAA choreography

    Can you give me an example of a routine that you thought had good choreography?
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    NCAA NCAA choreography

    I would just like to see some actual dance. Especially since there were a lot of routines with just two tumbling runs.
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    NCAA NCAA choreography

    Anyone else find that NCAA floor choreography is devolved into nothing more than shoulder shimmies and butt shaking?
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    NCAA 2023 College Season Starts Friday!

    This has got to be Kupet's last year at Georgia. I've been a Georgia fan so long and it's been disheartening to see this team wither.
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    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I just read another article on Alicia and Chellsie in their new roles. When Chellsie was competing, she was known to do different/unusual skills. I hope that she can bring some variety and innovation to the US routines.
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    NCAA Dana Duckworth out at Alabama (Possibly Fired)

    How do we get Kupets out? They didn't give Jay Clarke this much time when he took over after Youclan.
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    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I believe she chose to retire after 15 years as National Team Coordinator.
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    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I know a lot of you will disagree but that's what the system was supposed to do, produce medals. These are elite athletes who have chosen to compete and represent their country. They are free to do recreational gymnastics if they want to.
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    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    I thought I read somewhere that Chelsie will run camps. I'm dubious about the selections based upon coaching credentials. Also, not sure why they're changing from a single coordinator, that system seem to produce a lot of medals.
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    WAG High Performance Coordinator Elimination

    So, I came across this article on NBC Sports about how USA Gymnastics is eliminating the High-Performance Coordinator and dividing the position into three positions. I didn't see anything on USA Gymnastics website about this, seems like a big...
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    WAG American Cup

    Seems like a crappy way to end a competition that has been help for 40 years.
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    WAG American Cup

    It just occurred to me that there was no American Cup this year, was that a Covid thing?
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    NCAA Quarter season done, kinda, what do you think?

    I'm just thinking they didn't give Jay Clark this much time when he took over after Youclan retired.
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    OT Gymnastics Commentary

    Every once in a while I bring this up, but who else is tired of Tim and Nastia? I see what Johnny and Tara have done for figure skating commentary and I wish we had someone like that. Their commentary is not just entertaining but informative and technical. Tim and Nastia spend most of their...
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    NCAA Quarter season done, kinda, what do you think?

    It kills me to say this but Georgia needs a new coach. There is a good chance they will finish the season without a win. I continue to be surprised that Georgia isn't attracting the top elites but then I look at their web site and it says they have no Recruiting Coordinator. With kupets long...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    As far as I can tell leotards haven't changed, they were basically wearing the same style leotard in the 1960s. I could see the problem if they had been changed to make them sexier.
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    WAG Valieva vs Raducan

    This issue with the figure skater Valieva reminded me a lot of Raducan's situation in 2000. Does anyone remember why was the Romanian team allowed to keep their team medal and why was Raducan allowed to continue to compete?