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    Anon Struggling with "what are your goals" questions for 9-year old gymnast

    Wow this is SOOOO much like the book ‘Season Of Change’ Read it.
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    Parents Level 4, 20 hours a week

    Whu…..??? I’d say level 3s should do 5hrs a week 4s do 9, 5s do 11 and 6s do 13. I don’t know about upper optional say my gym bcuz I’m not there yet, but I think our relaxed system is great. Most of the girls are at the average age for the levels.
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    WAG At Home Conditioning for Platinum level gymnast

    I like doing a mix of exercises especially things I find in my usual training. for example: 10 push-ups 10 v-ups 5 pistol squats 20 jumping jacks 1:30min plank Repeat 5-10 times. You can alter this and this is something you can do inside a hotel room or on the beach.
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    Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    I got a lot of ‘dance-ish’ (side aerial, front aerial, 180 switch leap etc) skills really early at like 6-7 which many girls on my team struggled with. My ROBHS was hard, and I got it when I turned 9. My back tuck also came easily though it was very scary. The hardest would be standing BHS on...
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    WAG Am I average age for getting different tricks?

    I did a ROBHS on trampoline when I was 8, ROBHS on floor when I was 9. FHS when I was 8 and, aerial on trampoline when I was 6. Is this average?