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    Parents Gymnastics camp

    It’s either you pay for daily passes or commit to the whole thing and people who commit to the whole thing get spots first. It’s 4 hours long which is longer than she goes to school and she complains about that being too long and tiring her out. My main concern is she’s doing other sports and we...
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    Parents Featured Crazy Gym Parent Behavior (Yours or Others)

    My daughters 4 and is in a preschool class. A couple weeks ago while we were waiting for her class to start I heard one of the dads of a kid in her class talking to another parent about how his daughter has a double ear infection and was crying about not wanting to go that day but he made her go...
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    Parents Gymnastics camp

    My DD is 4 almost 5 and has been doing gymnastics since she was 2 and absolutely loves it. When she started there wasn’t a place in town for her to do gymnastics so we go to a gym a half hour away. In the last year a activity in town started doing gymnastics classes. We went to an open play...