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    Does smiling really matter?

    it is important to smile but dont try to force your self it has got to look like you are having fun
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    Cast is off!!!!

    congrats that is great cant wait to hear how it goes
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    OT Halloween! wut r u going as?

    me and my friend are going as ladybugs(though somebody at my gym is going as shawn jonhson wow creative huh)
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    Travel Meets: What To Bring

    i bring my cell, clothes,hairbrush,contact solution.extra contacts,eye drops,swimsuit,bandaids neosporin,gym stuff, music player and some other stuff to much to list!!!
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    What kind of gymnast are you???!!

    i am 10. i am in aga differerent from usag,i love doing aerials on floor, my level is jr. elevel 10 is aga levels i want to get my backhandsprings on beam
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    Chalk and water on grips?

    i use chalk and thats about it we have a plain gym no spray ofr scrape of honey :D
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    how long have u been doing gymnastics?

    i have been doing it for 6 years but i am only 10 so since i was 4:)
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    What time do you wake up? 6:45 a.m. What time does your school start? 7:45am What time does your school end? 2:45pm What time do you get home from school? 2:55pm What time does gymnastics start/what days? tuesday and thursday 5:30 to 8:30 monday 4:30 to...
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    OT Jon&Kate +8

    go Aaden(sp?) i love that show
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    What do you like to do on your days/day off from gym??

    i write songs and storys text and email friends check out the internet(including this website) hang out with friends
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    Any other people fro AGA?(different gymnastics program than USAG)

    yep not that hard really just got to gt the right country
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    Any other people fro AGA?(different gymnastics program than USAG)

    close it stands for american gymnastics association
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    Does your gym host any meets?

    nope nope our gym doesnt host any!!!!
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    hey all of the chalkbucketers

    i have read this for such a long time and just started posting. i love gymnastics and thats about it. gymnastics is my life.(not really but really close to it)