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    WAG Soft rails

    I've done level 9 full sets on those rails at 120lbs and almost 5'6"...and boy, did they help. Kipping out of my overshoot was actually slightly easier due to the bounce popping me up onto the bar, and made the high bar part of the routine even easier/better - especially the KCH after my...
  2. K

    Coaches Level 6/7 Floor Routine Length

    When I was judging last season, I saw a pretty big trend of level 7s only doing a two-pass FX. A Ro-BHS-layout, and a FHS-FT. They's do a 3/2 turn/straddle jump/switch leap for their Bs. With only 7 skills required, there's really no reason to need a 90 second floor routine. I'd rather see a...
  3. K

    Coaches Year Long Plan

    I literally was JUST about to start a thread to ask about how people plan their lessons for their competitive groups. My (new) level 5s are finally starting to make some significant progress, so it's time for me to start changing up what has been our daily practice routine and do some new things...
  4. K

    Tumbling & Tramp Questions

    That is SO incredibly helpful! THANK YOU. I am totally starting to fall in love with this sport, and would really love to grow this program and get the sport more popular in my state. Do you have any good drills for whips or kick-out? I've started working on kicking-out, but nobody is doing in...
  5. K

    Tumbling & Tramp Questions

    About two months ago I started coaching full time, and (somehow) was appointed head coach of the gym's year-old power tumbling team (in addition to my position as a JO WAG coach). As of right now, I have a level 6 and 2 level 5s. I was an artistic gymnast my whole life, as well as a judge, so...
  6. K

    WAG favorite memory

    Getting second on bars and vault at level 9 states my senior year; and having two of my high school gymnasts come to me and tell me that I was the best coach they've every had.
  7. K

    High school gymnastics

    There is no hard and fast set rule. At meets you can put 5 or 6 (depending on the meet) girls up on each event, then the top 4 scores count towards the team score. The team I coached last year only had 7 girls on the roster, some schools we competed against had at least 12. Our team score was...
  8. K

    Weigh in... most over used floor music??? ugh!!

    I worked at JO Nationals and I counted 16 girls with 300 violins for their music. 16. At one meet.
  9. K

    Coaches Teaching Backhandsprings with Minimal Equipment

    rd7 and niklum - thank you so much! These sound great and I can't wait to try them! While I'm sure a couple of the girls would be willing to just throw their bodies over, and the cheer coach would be fine with it........ I'll just stop the rant about cheerleaders and form right now before I...
  10. K

    Coaches Teaching Backhandsprings with Minimal Equipment

    I would love some, and would prefer using them. But the school simply does not have the funds for that. Students already have to pay $100 per season to play a sport, and they barely pay me enough to cover gas. Meanwhile, we compete against schools an hour and a half away in the 9th wealthiest...
  11. K

    Coaches Teaching Backhandsprings with Minimal Equipment

    Recently I've started working with the cheerleading team at the high school I coach at, sort of in an assistant/tumbling coaching position. About a quarter of the girls are (ex) gymnasts/all-star cheerleaders - they can already tumble. Another the next 1/4 can have a RO-BHS or standing BHS -...
  12. K

    Coaches What did your gymnasts achieve today?

    My 7 high school girls, since our last meet on the 21st: BWO-BWO on high beam tuck 3/4 on beam RO-BT from my 2 weakest tumblers (flipping!!) RO on low beam free-hip kip (it almost looks like a real bar routine now!) RO-BHS-BT half (and working drills for the full); and 2 more are working on the...
  13. K

    A different way to make those competition curls? Hair friendly/no heat

    A couple of my teammates when I was competing had LOTS of LONG hair (like near their butt). For both practice and meets they would put it up in a pony, braid it, then loop the end of the braid through the pony, then secure the loop to their head with a 3" barrette. It stayed neat, and was quick...
  14. K

    First Day as a Real Coach!

    Practice is going AWESOME so far. The parents have been incredibly supportive, and the girls have been working hard. Just this week we got 3 switch leaps and a switch side on floor, 2 switch leaps on beam, a couple FWO and BWO on beam, CW-tuck dismount, CW-CW series, and drastic improvement in...
  15. K

    First Day as a Real Coach!

    HAHAHAHA. A frat just got their charter from nationals taken away and their fraternal organization agreement with the university revoked after sending a pledge to the hospital where he was in the ICU for 3 days. It was national news. We also just had the porch of another frat house collapse...
  16. K

    First Day as a Real Coach!

    My first high school practice is Monday! :eek: I'm so nervous, but so incredibly excited to start coaching and give back to the gymnastics community. A lot of these girls have never done club (or ever had the chance, the closest clubs are an hour away) so the fact that I'm their main facilitator...
  17. K

    Coaches Tumbling Technique on Sprung Floor vs Un-Sprung Mats

    Awesome! Thank you so much! I was worried all my punching plyo drills would go to waste on mats. Also, thanks for the reminder about harder surface/joints/reps. I think I'll need to tone down my first week of practice in that respect, especially considering most of the girls are coming to be...
  18. K

    Coaches Tumbling Technique on Sprung Floor vs Un-Sprung Mats

    I'm a first-year head coach getting ready to start the high school season. I assistant coached last year, and the girls seemed very receptive to my comments and made some amazing progress in a very short period of time (the head coach was pretty useless in terms of technique). In general, I'm...
  19. K

    Letting go

    oh wow bribri! I feel like such a complainer compared to you! That being said, I think there's something very telling in that we both had similar situations and wound up dealing with it in very similar ways. (I'm a kinesiology major in college, post grad I'm going into physical therapy to help...
  20. K

    Letting go

    (just re-read what I typed. It's really long. Apologies in advance, and won't judge you if you refuse to read all of it) I know just how you feel, to the point where I was practically in tears. Summer before 11th grade I developed a back problem. I was fine for most of the season, but after...