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  1. J

    NCAA When does a kid need to start thinking about NCAA recruiting?

    So, if my daughter is Level 8 in 9th grade we should be doing videos and social media etc? Or wait until she is level 9? We are looking at d3 schools. Is she too late?
  2. J

    NCAA Featured College Gymnastics Schedule (College Gym Talk)

    I’d love to be able to know where and how I can watch meets. My daughter loves gymnastics but we can never find them on line
  3. J

    NCAA Is College Gymnastics possible?

    Hello, I have a Current Level 7 Gymnast- she will turn 14 in May. She would be Level 8 except was working through some fears and blocks for a bit. Image is poised to be Level 8 for next season . given her age and being. Freshmen in high school next season, how realistic is it for her to be...