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    Parents Looking for advice on my daughter's gymnastics track

    It is certainly possible. My daughter did it. It is not usual though. You do not have to be L10 by freshman year in high school (though it certainly helps), but you do have to be doing hard college level skills by the time she is recruiting if she gets to 10 as. a Junior in high school. As other...
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    WAG Tell me about the underdogs

    Ok, here’s ours- my daughter wanted so badly to be a college gymnast but started too late and at a not very serious gym. Started team at 9 years old. Switched to a better gym along the line. Reached L10 as a Junior in HS with the hope that she would make it even as a walk on to one of the lower...
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    WAG news on college teams' seasons?

    I am so sorry to hear that gymgal.... how heartbreaking for the girls. Just such a difficult year for everyone. My daughter’s school is going ahead with their season (hopefully if nothing changes), and we have received the schedule. I have no idea whether we will go to these meets as most of...
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    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    Sorry I realized it might be helpful to finish this. You don’t really even need a layout or at least my daughter didn’t. I remember being a little bummed that she just couldn’t get it right, but then she moved on to the tuck full and it was so much easier for her. And in L10 she was able to turn...
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    WAG Yurchenko pike to Yurchenko layout

    My daughter who was a strong vaulter, never really had a good yurchenko layout (after having a great pike), so ended up doing a great tuck full. There are always options!
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    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Thx- that was her ‘thing’. And I had no appreciation at the time of what it was. I believe it also helped her college recruiting a little.
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    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Yes, still doing it! (If there is a season that is!).
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    Parents DD's gym is closing

    I’m so sorry. I can imagine how devastating this is for your daughter (and you). There will be something after this for her.
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    WAG Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    I was having kind of a fun time trying to remember what my daughter did- it has been a few years- she’s in college now. Vault: yurchenko 1 1/2 Bars: blind 1/2, bail to HS - not positive if she went to HS first year- jaeger, double back dismount - she was not at a 10.0 start though Beam- triple...
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    WAG CaptainU? -- USAG recruiting website?

    Fyi I don’t know how new it is. My daughter got their emails 4 years ago when she was recruiting. I believe she signed up as it was free but I don’t think anything happened. I got the feeling that it wasn’t going to be really oriented to gymnastics anyway but this was 4 years ago.
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    WAG NCAA 20-21

    I think everyone is in the same boat, hoping that there will be a season. I know for my daughter that practice will start though we will have to see how the fall goes. I think that there is a lot that will happen before it even gets to our season and football will determine a lot of it.
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    WAG Worst Meet Ever

    Well L 10 just getting through your bar routine sometimes is a win! But I know what you mean- there were also times for my daughter where she won with a lower score that wasn’t her best and she was not proud and refused to accept any congrats.
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    WAG Worst Meet Ever

    These are the kind of posts that always make me think back on my daughter’s journey. While overall she was pretty lucky and won a lot, there were some devastating losses- some early on that didn’t matter; some later that mattered a lot. I think she handled things ok publicly though not so great...
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    Parents For the curious -- NAIGC

    This is terrific- love this!
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    WAG Changing gyms

    I also think the decision is simply too huge and scary for a child (teen) to feel comfortable making themselves. Fear of the unknown. Years ago I waited for my daughter to come around and I finally made the decision myself. I think she was actually a little relieved when I told her that we were...
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    Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    Wanted to add to my post.... After seeing your daughter struggle for years with injuries, it’s only natural to want some sort of ‘payoff’ -college gym, which would make it all worth it. I think many parents feel this way, even if their kids haven’t had a lot of injuries. But perhaps in your...
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    Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I hear the pain in your words... I do understand why you are so emotional about this and think it is the nature of this sport for many parents to be heavily invested in it along with their kids. You see how much time and effort they are sacrificing over...
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    WAG Body image

    I actually think it depends on the coach and your child’s relationship with the coach. Several years ago we were in these murky waters and my daughter’s coach and I worked together on this though ultimately it was she who carefully framed things for my daughter. It was the correct choice for us...
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    Parents My daughter’s blog post about quitting level 10 gymnastics

    Beautiful perspective. Thank you for sharing.
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    WAG Weight Gain and how to "address" it with DD

    Of course you want your child eating better, but one big question I have is, has the weight gain affected her gymnastics at all? If so, is it possible she may not fully realize the relationship?