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    Gyms in the Dallas/Plano/Frisco area of Texas

    There are definitely a lot of gyms in the area. It mostly depends on where exactly she is located, how far she's willing to travel, and how competitive an atmosphere she is looking for. You definitely hit on the big ones in that immediate area. Some others that are kind of on the outskirts of...
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    Competition Today!

    No, not at all. I never would have imagined as a gymnast that the coach could get as nervous as me. As a gymnast, you don't really think about it like that. Now I have pity on my dad since he was my head coach when I was younger. Being a coach or a parent is hard enough on your nerves, but I...
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    Competition Today!

    Yes, we have the option to send each child either Achievement or Placement. Either way, the scores are flashed, but in Achievement they all come away with ribbons for each event (different colors based on the score range) and a medal for AA. In Placement they are divided between age groups and...
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    Competition Today!

    Thank you! The girls did great. I'm so proud of them! The Achievement kids (levels 4-6) all had a successful meet and the Placements rocked it! My 3 Placement level 4's were 1,2, and 3 AA and 1st in team and my two Placement level 5's both got three 1st places and one 2nd place on events and 1st...
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    Level 4 scores/How bad? LONG

    Those are decent scores for a first year level 4. I coach in Texas (Region 2) and being in Texas, competition can be tough for sure. I assume your daughter is a 4 Placement. We only have half of our level 4 group as Placements at this point: Our 3 second year level 4's and 3 of our first year...
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    Competition Today!

    We have our first meet of the season today for our levels 4-6. Eeek!! :eek: I swear I get more nervous as a coach than I ever did as a gymnast. :D
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    Floor Music Help!

    The second one does have more changes in tempo, which is always nice... but I am a big fan of the first one as well. Wicked is AMAZING and Defying Gravity is one of my favorites. :D
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    level 5 poses?

    We let our girls pick their poses, but they have to get them approved first. At a meet this past year though, one of the girls that I coach decided she was going to change her pose at the meet. Much to my surprise, she stuck her tongue out towards the judge as part of her ending pose. I was...