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    MAG Birthday Cut Off

    Prior to this restructuring, there were upper levels for competing. For example, you were considered out of age group for Level 8 at age 12, Level 9 for 14. This seemed to impact many boys and their ability to gymnastics. My kid was a late starter who missed the cut off by weeks, so he was...
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    MAG Grips for sweaty hands?

    Most boys started using grips around the time they were working kips, so it’s the right time. And they need time to adjust and break the grips in, which takes a few weeks. He will also need different grips for rings, which will help with the sweating.
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    MAG Men's meets this weekend!

    Yes, I thought West Point was this weekend. Was wishing our team luck, only to find out it’s next week.
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    MAG Men's meets this weekend!

    Is that part of the West Point Invitational, or is it a one on one meet?
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    Parents Anyone else not know what level?

    I’m a bit confused by men’s levels this year. He hasn’t competed this year others from his team did. I checked scores to see how our team did and they were divided into Jr/Sr A/B. Last year, scores would be reported like Level 10-16 years. Now it’s Level 10 Jr A or Level 10 Sr B, or any...
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    Parents Can your kid just come to your car after practice?

    Son is 16. I’ve been in the gym one to five times since COVID. He and other boys from his group usually walk together into the parking lot.
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    Parents Sudafed and practice

    Sudafed is fine, the only thing I would worry about would be possible vertigo being upside down. I don’t allow pain meds like Advil or Tylenol before practice because that could make kid ignore or exacerbate an injury, but sinuses can’t be harmed by exercise.
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    Parents Parents of kids who made it to upper level optionals

    I remember Arabian practice, but then it just disappeared. My favorite level was 6. Skills actually started looking like gymnastics. Last year of the mushroom. Mushroom to actual pommels was a big leap, and we went direct from mushroom to handle pommels
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    MAG Men undergarments with Gymnastics shorts question

    They wear underwear. GK makes a longer short as well. Be careful of underwear. If you can, match the short colors. When my son was little he wore green boxer briefs under navy short shorts, and when he did a handstand, you could see the green undies
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    MAG How to know if MAG is your sport (asking for 5 year old)

    Let him try. They switch a lot at that age. We tried soccer, baseball, basketball and gymnastics. He always like gymnastics the most. At his age he could try it, and always come back a year or so later if he wants to keep experimenting with other sports. Kids who get locked into only one...
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    MAG The Junior Year struggle

    So we had a discussion today about why he wasn’t enjoying gymnastics any more. I asked if it was just friend related, and his response was that he was doing skills which were “scary” and he was afraid. I told him that he should just take it slowly and to tell his coach what he was afraid of...
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    MAG The Junior Year struggle

    We have reached Junior year Slog. Son has done gymnastics since second grade, and was good enough to continue, but no superstar. I don’t really care about performance, but it gave him friends and a great sport out of school. Now that schools are back up, his group of 8 has declined to 4, and...
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    Parents Featured Crazy Gym Parent Behavior (Yours or Others)

    Boys Gym seems way less crazy. We have been at 2 gyms, and I can only think of 2 moms that would fit the CGM label. Our first gym had a crazy owner and coach who would kick boys out for really strange reasons. There was also 2 of the girls coaches who would scream at the girls and push them...
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    MAG Your Son Does What? (Gymnastics for Boys)

    Thanks so much. Spot on. My son started gymnastics at 8 because he was jumping off couches, doing headstands and splits and way flexible, so I signed him up for lessons. He loved it, and after a year joined pre team, and then at 10 did Level 4, so a late starter. I am always surprised at the...
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    MAG Which level? Or can a L8 be successful without twisting?

    My son has never been a twister. At L6 when twisting was first introduced, he could not do it. I thought it would probably make him unable to progress, but it’s only one event. His teammates are doing doubles , he can’t and that’s just him. He did a straddle press to handstand with...
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    MAG Which level? Or can a L8 be successful without twisting?

    And the lack of twisting ability has bothered me. He can do a double back tuck on floor with the support mat, but just can’t twist like everyone else. I’ve just learned to not worry about it. He can do stuff on pommel and pbars other boys can’t, so it all evens out.
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    MAG Which level? Or can a L8 be successful without twisting?

    My son hates floor twists and just got a full last year. He did his last competition in 2019 as a Level 9 with a half twist. He did fine on floor with a low difficulty but clean floor. His other events were all solid. So it’s fine to not have twisting in a Level 9 floor
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    Parents Middle school drama + Gymnastics

    If this is happening at school, call the Principal immediately. Schools have very strict rules regarding harassment and bullying, and if girls are tormenting your daughter, especially in a place as vulnerable as a locker room, this needs to be addressed. It sounds like one girl from both school...
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    MAG Modified Optionals for boys ?

    I think I posted about that in my Club Track thread. If it is, it’s on the USAG website.
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    MAG Club Track?

    I went to the USAG page to register my son and saw there was a new addition to Men’s Gymnastics called Club Track. It seems like a great idea, it’s supposed to be like Xcel for boys and it was described as being a way for boys to have gymnastics as a second sport. But then it also said it was...