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    Parents Question for you all

    It's been a while since I have been on here. My girls have both moved on. Do I have a single regret about letting them follow their passion at the gym (at the time) and quit--NONE-not a single regret. Was it expensive-yes, was it time consuming-yes, do I look back and say we loved every...
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    Parents Frustration abounds - crazy gym moms and DD had a rough meet!

    So sorry you had to sit with a crazy mom. I try to walk into the stands for every sporting event my kids participate in last. That way I can scope the crowd and not sit with someone crazy. I'm fairly competitive and it's all I can do to not say something back to someone like that. I bring my...
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    Parents Is it normal...

    I do want to add that when my dd took her 5 month break (I thought she was quitting forever, little did I know), she did so at the end of the competition season. She came back to the gym 2 months before competition season began. I am extremely thankful that the owner allowed her to come back...
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    Parents Is it normal...

    My dd attends a very laid back, but fairly competitive (in the lower levels) gym. She quit for 5 months and when she was ready to go back I had her talk to the head coach/gym owner. He talked to her about her committment before welcoming her back to the level 4 team. She competed level 4 that...
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    Melody Leotards clearance leo sale

    DD got hers yesterday. I actually bought a size down because her year of the dragon was a bit baggy in the bottom. I bought down thinking these would be great summer workout leos and then I could pass them along to a little girl at our gym. I think they are going to fit and dd loves them all...
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    Parents broken arm

    So I'm a little bummed. AB finally was invited to work out with level 5 team this year, after 3 (yes 3) years at level 4. She has always had the skills, but no focus. At our gym, you have all summer and part of fall to obtain the skills for the next level or you can't compete that level. You...
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    Parents "Not moving to level 5" Updated

    I'm so glad to hear that she is getting to work out with the level 5 group one day a week. My dd did not move up last year, mostly due to maturity. Near the end of summer, the coaches asked her to start working out with the level 5 group one night each week and she loved it. Our gym offers...
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    I think any competitive sport is expensive. My oldest plays travel softball and club volleyball. Pitching lessons are $40 for a 30 min lesson, and uniforms cost about the same as competition leotard. Tournaments are generally 2 days and while they are less expensive up front, the cost of food...
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    Parents Not moving up to level 5

    I would approach the meeting in a way that focuses on your daughter. Tell the coach, she was a little disappointed not to be moving up and then ask what she needs to work on to be able to move up to the next level. At our gym, most girls are moved up at the beginning of summer, but some may...
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    Parents How Many Leotards is Enough or Too Much?

    I can't even begin to tell you how many dd has in her gym drawer. She is one of the smallest on the team, so she gets lot of hand me downs. Big sis used to compete so she got tons of hand me downs from her too. Plus, I'll admit, they are just so cute to buy! Her drawer is stuffed, she has...
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    Club membership fee

    I always think this is an interesting topic. We pay around $150 for 9 hours. We live in a subarb in the south. On top of this, we pay booster fees and meet fees. We don't have a large team, but we go to a large gym with very nice equipment.
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    Daughter wants more gymnastics--what would you do?

    When my oldest started gym, I had NO idea about team, preteam, developmental programs, etc. I just had a little girls who loved flipping. She was naturally strong, and she was a super hard worker. She started gym just a month or two before she turned 5. We had been in gym for about 3 months...
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    Question about leo

    I've glued stones on lots of things. I use e6000. You can get it at Michaels, hobby lobby, or walmart. The easiest way that I have found is to squirt a bit out onto a paper plate. Then use a toothpick to get just a tiny amount. Apply it to the back of the stone and then put the stone on the...
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    Parents Well, How did Everyone's Kids do At States?

    Level 4 for dd this weekend. She had her highest all around of the season. She does not focus on placement or scores, she just loves the sport. Thank goodness for that attitude. She knows that she improved and is so ready to work on her level 5 skills. She needs her kip and her front hand...
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    Year of the Dragon leo

    Thanks. I just ordered one (and a zebra striped one)! So glad you shared. AB had her state meet today and she didn't want a leotard when it was over. This will be a nice treat for her.
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    Should bars hurt a little one?

    I have a super skinny little one too. She stays bruised from bars. You may ask her to try shorts for just bars or put large bandaids over the area that is bruised. Talk to the coach, I bet she will have some suggestions for you.
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    Parents Nervous about DD's first meet!

    Best of luck. I agree, your little one will be so pumped that she probably won't notice the time--until awards. Can they take a snack in their bag onto the gym floor? I generally pack a small bottle of water and a resealable bag with cheese crackers, nuts, or a trail mix. None of it is messy...
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    3rd L4 Meet. Slow and Steady Improvements

    Way to go Kadee. AB had a not so good meet. Her best event is generally bars and she fell on her dismount. She was in one tough group. They divided the 10 year olds and for some reason, she got EVERY girl from the best gym around in her group. She doesn't compete again until our home meet...
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    First time here

    I have sat through 4 years of level 4--starting this weekend on sitting through my 5th year as a level 4 parent and always get confused--so thanks dunno! I don't think we will do level 4 again next year, but will be anxious to see the new routines, because when oldest dd competed it was the...
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    Please talk to your parents, and if you can't--show them this thread. There are other options out there! No child or teen deserves to be treated badly. It's not right for the coaches to bully you in the way that they do. Please talk to your mom and dad.